8 Of The Yummiest Fusion (Indian-Chinese) Cuisine Dishes For Foodies

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:39 pm


No matter whether we are strict vegetarians or pure non vegetarians, we all love our Chinese food, don’t we? Well, those who are genuinely interested in cooking and possess a minimal amount of knowledge on Chinese cuisine would be able to point out that the “Chinese” we all talk about and have are basically a manipulated version of Chinese food—the Indo-Chinese or simple, Indian Chinese. Basically, Chinese cuisine was brought to India by the inhabitants of the Haka region who later, to suit the Indian palate, modified it accordingly. Let’s take a look at some irresistible Chinese food that your nearby Chinese restaurants are sure to have—

8. Hakka Chowmein

Well, this is one of the most preferred Chinese dishes ever and is loved by all and sundry. Made from fresh vegetables and noodles and tossed in oil with soy sauce, this is a must main dish for every time you visit any Chinese restaurant. The best thing about this is that, the roadside stall makes equally good hakka chowmein as the posh restaurant!

Hakka Chowmein

7. Chilly Chicken

This dish is almost synonymous to Indo-Chinese cuisine and there’s no denying the fact that it is one of the “best selling” dishes in the country. This batter fried chicken balls drenched in dark colored curry makes an absolute inevitable Chinese side-dish. Don’t go by the word “Chilly”—the children swear by this dish!

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Chilly Chicken

6. Chinese Fried Rice

This dish is one of the hot favourite in the Kolkatan neighborhood, Chinatown. Technically it is almost the same as Haka Chow with the only difference of the noodles being replaced by boiled rice. For the Bengalis who swear by rice, this is almost a comfort food—rice, veggies and mouth-watering taste, all in one single dish! You can have its chicken, egg, vegetable and mixed variations too!

Chinese Fried Rice

5. Manchurian

Now this is one dish of whose existence in proper Chinese cuisine is yet unknown. This one is much alike Chilly Chicken with the only difference that the chicken balls also contain finely chopped veggies too. You can also have the vegetarian variation of the same dish—just dismiss the chicken balls and replace it with balls made of finely chopped veggies and you’re good to go! It is yet another favourite side dish, and an equally wonderful way of making your children eat vegetables!



4. Chilli Paneer

Have you recently visited any North Indian wedding without this one on the menu list? This is by far the most celebrated Indo-Chinese fusion dish which vegetarians as well as the non vegetarians cherish to savor!

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Chilli Paneer

3. Spring Rolls

After side dishes and main dishes, let’s have a look at some starters. Well, whether or not you’re a foodie, you must have heard (and even tasted) about spring rolls. Well, the Indo-Chinese cuisine has a modification of this as well. The recipe is all the same— just add a drop of soy sauce while you’re preparing the batter; for the stuffing, simply add soy sauce, fish sauce and, if you want to, some oyster sauce, and viola! You’ve just brought a revolution in your kitchen! If you’re a vegetarian, simply use dark soy sauce, a dash of tomato sauce, and you’re done with it! It’s one of the tastiest snacks ever!

Spring Rolls

2. Crispy Chilly Baby Corn

This is yet another Indo-Chinese fusion food which nowadays every Indian swears by. It’s a perfect appetizer which would leave you craving for some more! The crispness of the deep-fried Indian baby corns along with the typical “Chinese” taste is a must have even if you don’t want to gorge on Chinese food. It’s again another best-selling item which even the non-Chinese restaurants gladly put up on their menu.

Crispy Chilly Baby Corn

1. Chinese Chop Suey

Well, you’ve definitely heard of American Chop Suey, but did you ever hear about Chinese Chop Suey? Well, it is the newest recipe on board—the same ol’ American Chop Suey, i.e., deep fried noodles, with an Indo-Chinese twist. The red colored curry here is replaced by a thick corn flour based curry with lots of vegetables, eggs (friend and minced) and chicken tossed with it. It’s a favourite with the youngsters and the kids, though the adults (in most cases) find it quite annoying a dish!

Chinese Chop Suey