8 Worst Fashion Mistakes That Indian Chicks Should Always Avoid

Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 6:01 pm

Bad hair days? Bad eye days? Bad make up days? We’ve all faced these and tried our best to never meet them again. Fashion faux pas is one thing all of us dread but do commit at times. But who wants to be a fashion disaster? The following list is a tried and tested guide to all your fashion problems. Go through it and keep all your fashion mistakes at bay.

8. Go By Your Skin Colour Please

Indian skin is not white skin. Majority of us have wheatish skin colour and the rest tend toward the darker side. Some might be fairer, but that is a considerably less number. On the contrary, Indian skin colour is actually the most suited to most colours. It’s better to brighten it rather than trying to paint your skin white. A glowing and beautiful face is better than a whitewashed face, any day, any time. You really don’t want to look like a bloodless ghost right out of the grave.

Go By Your Skin Colour Please

7. Hair Should/Must be Dark

Indian hair colour is dark – either jet black, dark brown or light brown. You might wish to colour it once in a while, which you can if you wish to. Only thing – don’t go and colour it blonde. Keep the colour on the darker side. A mop of blonde hair on Indian screen looks ridiculously wannabe and out-and-out funny. Remember Kareena Kapoor?  Those blonde tresses made us feel like puke every time we saw her.

Hair Should/Must be Dark

6. Chop off Those Talons

We girls are fond of doing our nails and keeping them inch perfect. But in the midst of all this caring, don’t forget to cut them on time. Cutting and shaping nails can lead to wonderful fingers. Those huge talons look more like the devil’s than a woman’s. Polishing them with red paint might turn you into an uncomfortable presence. So keep growing your nails till they look like a human’s.

Chop off Those Talons

5. Keep the Jewellery Right

An honest confession would be that none of us are really VERY comfortable in a saree. So, it’s happily kept for family occasions where there are people who can take care of other things while we take care of ourselves. Hence, jewellery too should be kept for those special occasions and not worn day in and day out with Western Outfits. They only make us look tackier. A small pair of studs or a moderate hoop would suffice, if at all. Your precious jewellery is there for better occasions.

Keep the Jewellery Right

4. Say No to Too much Make Up

Some of us have tendency to go on applying one thing after another which in turn makes us look like a birthday cake. Instead, chose your make up according to the occasion. If it’s a wedding then no one’s stopping you from doing it; but, if it’s date, then please keep it light. Less is more you see.

Say No to Too much Make Up

3. Skinny Jeans? Hell NO

Okay if you’ve got that to-die-for figure with absolutely no fat then go for it. But, Indian women have fat on their legs and skinny jeans would fatten it even more. To avoid resembling a big, fat lollipop, it’s better that you chose your dress accordingly, and exercise. Drive off the fat and only then go close to that desired section of skinny jeans.

Skinny Jeans? Hell NO

2. Chipped nails: Also a Strict NO

This is not only for Indian girls, it is universal. Chipped nails are the worst fashion instance that you can show to the world. It shows that you are not careful about your attire. It looks awful and makes your slender fingers look like they have been soaked in detergent water for a day or two.

Chipped nails: Also a Strict NO

1. Bikini? Yes, Only if You’ve got that Body

Our figure is not their figure. The Western body type is way, way different from us Indians. Ours is naturally suited to our climate and way of dressing. Trying to be hip and stylish in a two-piece would make memes out of us any moment. The only way? Get that perfectly toned body. Legs, arms, abs, shoulders, everything has to be perfect. Only then can you opt for one. Otherwise, a sarong is your best friend.

Bikini? Yes, Only if You’ve got that Body