8 Woody Allen Films That MUSTN’T Be Missed

Updated on 1 Aug, 2014 at 3:15 pm


Yes, this time it’s Woody Allen that we are going to talk about! Ever since he joined films, there have been numerous controversies surrounding this maverick director, and despite that his fans, that number in millions worldwide, just cannot possibly ignore or even hate this fellow!

With an easy-going attitude, this actor, director, musician, writer and stand-up comedian has portrayed through the medium of cinema, some of the biggest social issues of our times. What distinguishes him from directors doing the same is the genial humor and wit that is typical of Woody Allen.

So, here we have got a list of his movies that will stimulate intellect and humor—

8. Annie Hall


One of the classics by Woody Allen, the film stars Woody Allen himself along with his one time partner, Diane Keaton. The film deals with Alvy Singer, a psychotic comedian, trying to find out reasons of his break-up with his girl-friend Annie Hall—and what we have is an intense speculation about life wrapped in a garb of hearty comedy and mirth!


7. Bananas

Some people turn to drugs after a break-up while some others go into long periods of depression, while there’s another category of people who finds death easier than confronting a broken heart. Well, things get a bit twisted with Danny Rose who travels all the way to a troublesome Latin American Country and becomes a part of the rebellion therein (well, kind of, accidentally). And, what follows in an impeccable display of wit, intellect and cinematic brilliance—that’s Bananas for you!


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6. Zelig

This film is one of a kind and definitely the best exemplification of Allen’s genius! In this film, the maverick director acts as Zelig whose desire to fit in and be among the “crowd” leads him to take the personae of the who’s-who of the world! And, oh boy! Was he good at that! We heartily recommend this to all of you!


5. Hollywood Ending

This film is a hearty and ironical insight into the quarrelsome worlds of the commercial Hollywood and the intellectual French Film Industry and its love for “parallel films”. In this film, you’re going to meet a “hit” film director who tries to make a film after ages and, while in the process of filming it, suffer from psychosomatic blindness. Although we prefer not to divulge out the plot, we leave the last line of the film to you to tickle your brains—“Thank God the French Exist”!


4. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex…But Was Afraid To Ask

Ah well! The title surely summarizes the entire plot so clearly that explaining anything would be a sheer wastage of time, and interest, of course! Seven extremely funny but witty stories string together in this film to solve all the queries related to sex and such fantasies, and there’s a surprise for all the Woody fans that we cannot keep—in this film, one story has Woody acting in the role of a SPERM! Do watch out for it!


3. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Perhaps one of the most watched films of Allen, Vicky Cristina Barcelona is the story of a maiden in Spain on a holiday with a girl friend. Suffering from a break-up, she finds a new love in a charismatic painter as well as his troublesome ex-wife—and what follows is a vivid journey into the maze called ‘relationships’.


2. The Purple Rose of Cairo

Woody Allen has always been intrigued about the differences of reel and real life, and like many other of his films, here too we’ll see a character from the reel life not only coming into the real life but also falling in a love triangle therein! The Purple Rose of Cairo is a complete fun film which promises to stimulate your intellectual need as well!


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1. Stardust Memories

This is a thoughtful remake of one of the wonders in World Cinema, Fellini’s 81/2—albeit with Allenian twist and humor! The film is a retrospective journey into a award-winning film director’s personal and professional life—a journey which will keep everyone to their seats till the last minute.



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