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8 Websites A Tech Enthusiast Should Follow Regularly

Published on 7 August, 2013 at 4:47 am By

It is amazing to see how fast technology has grown. Today technology grows at such mind boggling speeds that sometimes it gets hard to keep up with the latest trends in technology. Whether you are interested in the latest gadgets such as phones and tablets or you are more interested in software and in the development of the internet, there are a few sites you must follow if you call yourself a nerd or a geek. These websites will help satisfy your thirst for everything technological and help you stay on top of what’s going on in the world of technology.

8. TWIT: was started by technology broadcaster and author Leo Laporte in April 2005. Leo Laporte It started as a podcast of his show This Week In Tech (TWIT) and has since grown into a network that runs several podcasts all in the area of technology. The network also holds several live streaming shows and is a must for any technology enthusiast. Some of the podcasts on the show are, The Tech Guy, This Week In Google, OMGcraft, This Week In YouTube, Before You Buy, iFive for the iPhone etc.


7. TechCrunch:

Advertisement is a news website that covers the information technology sector. It was started by Michael Arrington in 2005 and has since been acquired by AOL. It covers reviews of internet products, profiles startups in the IT sector and also covers top IT companies and related news. It also has a lot of sister sites in the network including CrunchBase which is an open database about start-up companies, people and investors and other related statistics. It is a good site to follow to keep up with the latest technology news.


6. LifeHacker: is a site created by Gawker Media which talks about topics varying from technology news and tech tips and tricks to personal development tips and DIY projects. The emphasis on technology is high enough for it to be on this list. It is also a great site to get tips about getting anything done. This site will help you get the best out of any technology. Lifehacker will help you optimize and improve productivity of your technology and your life.


5. Wired: is a website of the wired magazine; a technology news magazine. It started as a separate site unrelated to the magazine but now hosts content from the magazine. This is a good ezine to follow as it has blogs on topics such as technology, business, video games, transportation, security, design etc. It is one place to get all news related to technology and business.


4. Gizmodo:

Amazingly Gawker Media has another site on this list; It is a site that does gadget reviews and offers news on latest gizmos. Any electronics fanatic must follow Gizmodo. Just like Lifehacker, Gizmodo is also a great site with very good writers writing for it. For the latest news about new electronic devices such as phones, TV, tablets, PCs etc, Gizmodo is a one stop site for any technology enthusiast.


3. TechDirt: is a blog that offers great news about technology, business and economic policies. It offers good discussions about latest topics in areas of economic policies and copyright and patent reforms etc. It is a great site to have in your bookmarks if you are a technology enthusiast as this site will help you form your views about what’s going on in the interrelated world of technology, business and politics.


2. Engadget: is the leading blog on technology news and gadget reviews. It also covers product reviews of latest electronic consumer goods. The reviews are short and witty and the content is updated round the clock. The blog has taken on the shape of a ezine with different blogs within it, including many international non English blogs. It ranks among the top blogs in Technorati and is a must follow for any technology enthusiast.


1. SlashDot:

Advertisement has the tagline, “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.” It is a sort of open news network with user submitted news which is evaluated and posted. The look of the site is like that of a forum and is a great place to have discussions. It is also a great place to find news about the open source industry and Linux based technology. A must follow.


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