8 Ways A Theist Can Never Understand An Atheist

Updated on 29 Sep, 2014 at 3:19 pm


Humans have worshipped Gods for thousands of years. The Gods may be men or women with supernatural powers or just natural things like sea, river, tree or even mountains and hills. People have found a way of connecting and building relationships with these Gods. Gradually they started seeking help from Gods for the crisis in their lives. Later, the blind beliefs of people were replaced with religions which came with rules and regulations regarding everyday life. They firmly believed in their creator and maker of the world, who kept everything moving in balance. How would the world exist so perfectly without someone to take care of the happenings? Believers cannot understand how the world would function like a well oiled machine without anyone to guide it. Hence, they have trouble understanding the atheists who refuse to believe in the existence of any deity. Lets us have a look at the 8 ways in which a theist can never understand an atheist.

8. Lack of Proof

When many of you would feel this is the argument of atheists who claim there is no proof that any sort of deity exists; it is also the argument of the theists who claim there is no proof to explain certain supernatural things that happen in this world. Not everything can be explained by science. As when the atheists ask proof for the existence of God, theists argue – ‘Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’. How can you prove there is no God creating the universe we exist in?

Lack of Proof

7. Might is Right


Theists have always wondered how could just about 2.3% of the world’s population can be right, because that is the population of the atheists in the world. What would make rest of the people believe in God? There has to be some reason for the belief, isn’t it?

Might is Right

6. Raising Righteous Children

Theists have not just believed but also found that religion and the belief in existence of God to raise their children morally and in a righteous way. They wonder how the atheists would replace this requirement in their children’s life. Aren’t they taking away the shield of protection from their children?

Raising Righteous Children

5. Atheists and Weddings

Theists have their weddings and marriage rules based on their belief in God, religion and rituals of their caste or tribe. They wonder what the atheists would be doing at weddings or being married. If there is no God, why would someone follow the rules set down by deities? Does that mean all the atheists will live with a partner without being in marital relationship?

Atheists and Weddings

4. Why Invite Stress?

It has been scientifically proven that people who believe in God or deities suffer less anxiety and stress than their non-believing counterparts. Hence, don’t the atheists need to follow the easy path to stress reduction than to visit shrinks? Belief in God correlates not only to reports of improved mental health among the believers, but also better physical health compared to nonbelievers. What benefits does atheism brings to its followers?

Why Invite Stress?

3. Why God Needs to Prove Himself?

Atheists have argued if there is God, why does he not give proof to his existence? The theists find this quite humorous as why would God be bothered to give proof of his existence to some section of people. God is not bothered whether people believe he exists or not. Theists have felt his love and presence in their life, hence they accept his presence.

Why God Needs to Prove Himself?

2. The Distrusted Lot

Surveys conducted in USA and many other countries have shown that the both the highly religious participants and those without any affiliation distrust atheists. The faithful are morally bound with a feeling that God is watching over them, whereas the atheists are not bound by any doctrines. Does that not send a message to the atheists what is the right path for them?

The Distrusted Lot

1. Contingency Argument

Everything that exists contingently has a reason for its existence. The universe exists contingently. Therefore: The universe has a reason for its existence. If the universe has a reason for its existence then that reason is God. Therefore: God exists. How can the atheists who see the existence of universe refuse to believe in its creator?


Contingency Argument