8 Twitter Handles Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:27 pm

‘Be Brave and Follow Your Dreams.’ That’s the motto of the youth today. But being brave doesn’t mean going in search of trouble, or that’s what The Lion King has taught me at least. Let’s say you want to be an Entrepreneur but you don’t know how to proceed. How about gaining a little knowledge about entrepreneurship and then proceeding? After all, there are tons of successful ones. Here are 8 twitter handles you have to follow as an entrepreneur-

8. James Altucher

Failure is the stepping stone to success and James Altucher is not in the least bothered by his list of failures; which is probably why he’s so successful. He serves up a daily dose of brutal honesty and simple success stories along with motivational speeches for soon to be entrepreneurs in what he calls “the daily practices”, which he draws from his personal examples. He has a list of book titles under his name, not to mention a slew of successful investment companies. His words are blunt and to the point, which is a refreshing breeze compared to all the deceit people try to throw our way on a daily basis.

Twitter Handle: @jaltucher

Twitter Handles Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

7. Jack Dorsey

You know what’s more impressive than the 250 million users on Twitter? Being able to connect with its creator, that’s what. Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter and founder of Square, is a highly successful entrepreneur who looks at innovating on a daily basis. You can reach him and ask him whatever you like on his Twitter account, and although he may not be able to answer all your questions, you’ll get exposure to one of the most innovative minds to have been born in the 20th century.

Twitter Handle: @Jack

Twitter Handles Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

6. Tim Ferriss

What makes Tim Ferriss worth following is his way of living. This tech, design and life guru devotes himself to bringing you the best of what’s to follow on a daily basis. He’s an avid tweeter and posts frequently about the latest technology, the most incredible designs and places to visit and sometimes just about life in general. If you’re looking for something beyond just the scope of your narrow minded business idea, Tim Ferriss is worth a look into.

Twitter Handle: @Tferriss

Twitter Handles Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

5. Jillian Michaels

Businesses don’t always have to be run from huge buildings and massive number of clients, employees and suits. A business is a business as long as an idea works, and that’s what Jillian Michaels is, a hardcore personal trainer and fitness guru. Her twitter handle is flooded with tons of motivational tweets. She posts frequently and replies to personal message as well. Her quotes and workout techniques are designed to get you up and moving. She even provides life lessons and expects you to fight for what you believe in, yourself. She’s definitely a must follow.

Twitter Handle: @JillianMichaels

Twitter Handles Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

4. Pat Flynn

Contrary to the above, Pat Flynn is all about the business and marketing. Host of Smart Passive Income, Pat hosts his own podcasts which are dedicated to bringing you the latest updates on the market, successful tips on how to go about your business and finding honest passive ways to making an income. He has a host of guests on his show who offer theirknowledge on how they think the market is playing out today and what they see in the near future. You can tune in to his podcasts to get the latest. He’s also an avid tweeter and shares his podcast on his handle.

Twitter Handle: @PatFlynn

Twitter Handles Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

3. Jane McGonigal

Jane is a gamer by heart, but she’s a techie by nature. Author of the Ney York Times best seller “Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better”, she gives the latest on tech and mostly gaming updates. She’s known to post tweets quite often, inspiring many to follow their passions and even providing new and unique tech-related ideas which I’m sure will come useful at some time or the other. There’s nothing wrong with knowing and being a gamer, I completely agree with her.

Twitter Handle: @avantgame

Twitter Handles Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

2. Ali Brown

Look out guys, there’s a lady in town and she means business, literally! CEO of Ali International, Ali Brown caters specifically to entrepreneurial advice for women but her tweets garner knowledge for both the sexes. She offers resources, tips, inspiration and advice to up and coming entrepreneurs, both male and female. She very active on Twitter and replies to personal tweets as well.

Twitter Handle: @AliBrown

Twitter Handles Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

1. Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary is the CEO of Vayner Media and a true inspiration for entrepreneurs today. His tweets contain a vast amount of knowledge on businesses today and for the most part, they’re hilarious too. Even with over one million followers, he still finds time to tweet and retweet, not to mention spread word about what’s what of businesses today and where your focus should be as an entrepreneur. You could use a little humour in your life, don’t you think?

Twitter Handle: @GaryVee

Twitter Handles Every Entrepreneur Should Follow