8 Trance Songs That Give You Spark

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:43 pm


Trance was a dance music genre that invented in Germany during the 90s. Played mostly in dark and uncharted places, inside compressed glass compartments, it can still have a hallucinating effect on listeners in discos, bars and pubs. It’s the form that has also garnered serious notoriety in the past, and became quite popular at rave parties. But, leaving that aside, ordinary folks are also becoming addicted to trance, having it play in their ears while walking home from office, or playing it when working out at the gym, or even trying to concentrate. Paul Van Dyk, Dj Tiësto, Paul Oakenfold and Armin Van Buuren are some of the Gods of Trance. And, here’s listing some legendary trance songs that have outstood time and still playing out and loud.

8. System F – Out of the Blue:

Out of the Blue is trance music in every sense of the word. This song is perhaps one major defining songs of modern trance and a song which almost everyone knows and loves too. The year 1999 is still remembered as the year of trance and with such great music coming in, it’s really not hard to imagine why. A sheer modern classic, worth mentioning!

7. Push – Strange World:


Strange World by Push is an amazingly original track that belongs to progressive trance. This mind-warping song defines utter perfection of M.I.K.E. A track so original, brilliant and great to listen to that it’s almost impossible to get over it.

6. Faithless – Insomnia (Monster Mix):

Insomnia by Faithless is probably the biggest club tone mix of all time. This is one track for which the band will always be remembered. Though an extremely dark song, it is a brilliant mix of rap combined with the incredible keyboard bit. The song which was released in 1995, fortunately got noticed by German dance lovers and eventually the track turned out to be the most played and popular dance tunes of all times.

5. Robert Miles – Children (Dream Version)

This song is by far the most powerful and emotional song in the genre of trance. The song when released was a huge hit and got noticed from all over the world, right from the radio stations to MTV, it had grabbed every popular show and it truly deserved it. Rarely do we notice a trance song moving into the mainstream, but this song definitely got the EDM scene some notice.

4. Rapid Eye – Santa Cruz (R.E. Mix):

One of the best of all times by Rapid Eye is Santa Cruz. You can listen to it over and over aging and can still end up asking for more. This song will not only energize you but will motivate to an extent that you’ll end up determined to do almost anything. This song has the power has strength to raise up your spirits and emerge out as completely different and a stronger you.

3. William Orbit – Barbers Adagio for Strings (Ferry Corsten Mix):

This song constitutes one of the many remixes of Samuel Barber’s legendary Adagio for Strings. This song is perhaps one of his best. He amazingly blended and remixed this song into an all new form, making it accessible to an entirely new generation. You just get addicted to this song. It is indeed an epic trance at its very best.

2. Shogun – Skyfire (Original Mix):

Atmospheric effects, powerful pay-offs and melodic twists, this is one power packed amazing trancer that is a lot more than a worthy addition for the jewels under the Armind angel’s wing. The song is so full of energy, melodrama combined with all the right elements that perfectly get under your skin.

1. Energy 52 – Café del Mar (Three ‘N One Mix):

This song hit almost like a bolt in terms of its uncontrollable influence, quality and also huge popularity and pretty much everything else you can think of. This is probably the song, which really got picked up by everybody. The song has simply a great build-up of all the times and a humongous over the top breakdown. It can be summed up as simply incredible.


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