8 Things To Do When You’re Waiting For A Friend Outside

7:00 am 31 Jul, 2014


This has happened to you much more than you had wished for. A great test of patience, we say. There’s always this friend who fails to reach on time and gets us annoying to the hilt. A so-called 5-minute wait might have lasted longer than 25-minutes, right? And you’ve cursed yourself for being present much before time. But hey, you’ll remember the moments you’ve badly scolded him/her after arrival – friendship is all about this. However, seriously speaking, you’ve lacked on things to do for those long hours you’ve waited for that lazy lump. Here are eight ideas you could steal:

8. Gorge on something – Nothing makes us Happier than Munching

Trust us you’ll kill half your anger when you have some street food. There are loads available anywhere in India. You’ll find something or the other anywhere. Chances of it not being tasty is absolutely zero, so better get hold of something and have it till Monsieur/Madame arrives. You’ll be your much better self with a full stomach.

Gorge on something – Nothing makes us Happier than Munching

7. Chat Away your Time to Glory


You must not have chosen a desolate place to meet up with your friend. So there must be some other people too. Find an elderly man or lady, or a kid or even someone your age. Start a conversation with any one of them (of course don’t interrupt if they are unwilling). You’ll see that most kids love chatting and you’ll have a great time talking about unknown things. It makes your head divert from your watch and you are able to keep your cool.

Chat Away your Time to Glory

6. Retail Therapy can Work Wonders

Buying something can uplift your mood a great many times. It doesn’t need to be something expensive always. Maybe something short and sweet, something you’ve been forgetting to buy every day. Now it’s time to give that some space, and get hold of it. You’ll get ample time to browse through options since you’re in absolutely NO hurry. But do keep a tab on your pocket lest you end up finishing off everything.

 Retail Therapy can Work Wonders

5. Short on Cash? Go Window Shopping

If you’ve planned to meet up in front of a shopping mall then now’s your golden chance to look into the newest collections in all the stores. You don’t need to buy each time you go there. Simply looking at things gives you great joy and makes you wonder how you could save a bit for that one thing. And trust us it to take up quite a lot of time.

Short on Cash? Go Window Shopping

4. Give Him/her a Call

Even if you are unable to guess where he exactly is you’ll at least know that he is on his way. Call him up and drag him out of his home if he hasn’t left yet and make sure you get the sound of vehicles on your phone. Keep him on line so that he never gets an opportunity to be the lazy ass that he’s always been. You’ll see that you’re feeling less impatient.

Give Him/her a Call

3. Don’t ever look at your Watch

This is going to damage the whole thing for you. You’ll notice a minute taking about an hour to get over and you feel like breaking some bones. You know that she’s going to be late so it’s better that you neglect your watch for a while. Do anything but looking at it. This way you’ll avoid looking like a scarecrow, or better still, a wet cat when her highness arrives prim and proper.

Don’t ever look at your Watch

2. Music Would Do Great

Me-time can be the best time. Okay, your surroundings are perhaps not right, but you can sure change it. You’ve got your phone in hand, you have your hands-free, you’ve a got a wealth of songs – so who dares stop you? Turn on some of your favorite tracks (even if one repeat mode) and enjoy the feel. Music can shun all the anger that has been building up since you’ve arrived at the destination.

Music Would Do Great

1. Look around You, Observe

This may sound a big boring thing but try it once and see how it works. Looking about you makes you realize a whole lot of things happening. Remember you are in India and there’s always something or the other happening on the streets. You’ll be amazed at what not happens and it’ll be a while before your friend arrives.


Look around You, Observe