8 Things To Do When You’re Terribly Angry

1:00 am 22 Jul, 2014


You’ve done it and you’ve regretted it. We’ve done the most horrible and stupid things out of anger and realised the mess that we’ve made later on. Anger is, well, inevitable – given the things that happen to us, on a daily basis. But it’s not always the world that is to be blamed. There have been moments when we have been insensitive and done things rashly. It’s better to calm down and think about it, before saying ‘Action’. Here are eight things that you should do when you’re in terrible anger:

8. Stop Right There

When you’ve understood that you’ve reached the peak of your can-stay-calm state, and are about to burst – stop right there. Don’t utter a word after that. Chances are that in a state of heightened anger you’ll come out with things you’ve thought of keeping to yourself. And surely keep your swear words away, you’re most definitely going to blurt them out in a moment of anger. Shutting down everything at that moment really helps.

Stop Right There

7. Do Not Over React


Anger makes us vulnerable. Not only do we lose our temper, but, end up doing and saying things that were better not said and done. Too much anger makes us a victim. To win over such a situation? We need to shun ourselves from reacting heavily in that situation. The person on the other side will feel the jitters then. Try this once and see how it works in your favour. To see you un-agitated and not mad will surely make people wonder at how great a self control you’ve got.

Do Not Over React

6. Choose the Cosiest Corner in Your Home

Home is the best form of solace. In terrible anger conditions, chose the best and the most comfy corner in your home and cosy up there. Curling up to your favourite cushion and chair would help you calm down a great deal. It also gives you ample time to think about it in retrospect and decide on what went wrong – which is the most important part.

 Choose the Cosiest Corner in Your Home

5. Don’t Spoil Other Things

This one is the real spoiler. We’ve had these moments in thousands in our lives, haven’t we? For instance: You’ve got angry at someone or something and kept it inside yourself. The next moment when you’re making an omelette (for instance), the egg white spills. You feel like breaking all the doors and windows, right? You probably even bang your frying pan. Well, every emotion needs a let out and so does anger. The best way is to calm down and chill for a moment or so before you take any kind of action.

Don’t Spoil Other Things

4. Rush to the One Closest to you

He/she might be your best friend, your parent or even your husband/wife. In times of anger, go to the person with whom you feel emotionally secure, the most. Blurt out everything that you have inside yourself. Bottled up emotions will no wonder take the bad route out. Say everything and see how it works wonders. Your anger gets controlled and there is someone in front of you who can keep a check on your actions.

Rush to the One Closest to you

3. Switch on the your Best Sitcom

The likes of How I Met Your Mother, or closer home, Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma have done their part in controlling our anger. If you’re terribly angry and don’t know what to do – switch on your favourite sitcom and see how fast you find yourself trying to control your laughter. It eases you out for a while and you’re in a better mental condition to think about things and mend them. A sitcom is always helpful.

Switch on the your Best Sitcom

2. Find your fault

It’s not always that you are being made to suffer the cruelty of the big bad world. You’ve got your own frailties and faults in place, if not always, at least sometimes. When you can see what your fault is, your anger takes a back seat. Instead of growing vengeance in your heart, sit back and wonder where you’ve went wrong. If you’re right on your part then there’s no trouble. If otherwise, it’s best that you stop accusing everyone and get down to the basics. Blaming the world and getting away with it is the easiest way out but surely not the best.

Find your fault

1. The Best: Turn on Some Music

Music can do what no mortal can. Turn on some soothing track or some foot tapping music to make you help get rid of that mess in your head. Be it on your phone, the radio, or the music system – turn it on anywhere and you’ll feel like the happiest person in the world. Your vindictive self too will take a backseat in that case. You don’t need to do anything, just sit down calmly in a chair or on your bed and let the music get into your ears. The best way, isn’t it?


The Best: Turn on Some Music