8 Things Which Are Apparently Impossible For Science

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:11 pm


It was around 4,000 years ago that societies on this planet began to live ‘more’ sophisticated lives. They built colonies, developed pictorial languages to store and transfer knowledge and slowly, trade networks and nations were formed. Development of mathematical and scientific knowledge, as empirical evidence would suggest, began nearly at the same time (you can never be 100% sure; the story is freaking 4,000 years old). Scientists, some of them seemingly insane, outlaws and even social outcasts, over the centuries discovered principles that govern the world we live in and invented new (or should be say ‘magical’) devices on the basis of various physical, chemical and mathematical laws. Science as a field of knowledge has traversed great distance over the centuries. But, there’re things which are apparently impossible for science too. Listed below are 8 such things:

8. Explain why 90% people in the world are Right Handed:

Okay, that’s a tricky one. But, scientific knowledge does not explain the reason why it is so. Like this simple fact, there’re hundreds of others that are just ‘accepted’ and never ‘questioned.’ You got it. Apparently, science cannot explain why 9 out of 10 people in the world are habitual to use their right hands for all things from writing and eating to fighting and sex. You might have some theories but that’s not science, right?

Explain why 90% people in the world are Right Handed

7. Identify the Spirit:

There’ve been a number of bizarre afterlife experiments but hardly any of them can lend any support to the claim that spirits do not exist or otherwise. It’s a mystery that science is yet to explain whether death of the body puts an end to the ‘being’ or it’s just a transitory phase. Experiments carried out by psychics, chemists, medical practitioners and physicists so far have just gathered hints that prove or disprove ‘nothing.’

Identify the Spirit

6. Observe something without changing it:

This problem has become more of a scientific principle now. The moment scientists try to ‘see’ an ultra small particle, it changes its behavior. Explaining why the act of ‘seeing’ something changes its behavior has been a challenge for Quantum Physicists and perhaps, it’s going to be that way. Why? Well, if they could manage to solve this problem, we’d enter a whole new world of science. It would be almost like having traversed the last 200 years of speedy scientific growth in one go. Too sweet a prediction to be true, no? That’s why we’ve listed it here.

Observe something without changing it

5. Travel to the other Side of the Universe:

Farthest known corners of the Universe (not in a spiritual sense, okay?) are hundreds of light years away and as astronomical research indicates, it’s impossible for humans to ever to touch and see the other side of the Universe. How many lifetimes do you think it would take even a ray of light (light, not you) to travel from one galaxy to another? And guess what, there’re millions of such galaxies.

Travel to the other Side of the Universe

4. Make You an Immortal:


Okay, there are no Elves, Orcs or White Wizards on this planet. Compared to the rate at which noticeable changes in the Universe take place, human life span is very small. It seems, science can never discover (or make some) ways to extend the lifespan of humans to few hundred years, let alone being immortal. May be there’re saints, yogis, vampires, werewolves and what-not – but, you’ve not seen any of that, did you? If there’s no empirical evidence to support the belief, what’s the point!

Make You an Immortal

3. Make babies from scratch:

Okay, they made test-tube babies. Good job. But, can anyone, produce a test tube baby with just chemical experiments. What if they do not borrow anything from the established order of things (a sperm and an egg, for example) and create a baby in a test tube or any other environment? That’s not going to work, right?

Make babies from scratch

2. Decode Nature’s Love of Mathematics:

Why the Universe favors some patterns? Scientists have found certain patterns (or order in the chaos?) in how plants grow, how food chain works and how animals reproduce. These patters apply to almost everything in the Universe, including your own body. Scientists have so far been unable to find out why certain numbers and patterns are favored in the grand scheme of the universe.

Decode Nature’s Love of Mathematics

1. Fully Prove or Disprove Existence of God:

Does God exist? That’s a classic question. Scientists (who really believe in the philosophy of science) cannot fully accept or deny the existence of God and it’s unlikely they will have any definite answer in future. They cannot accept the existence of God because they’ve not seen Him. They cannot fully deny His existence because ‘God’ invariably stands for all answers scientist don’t have. Tricky, isn’t it?

Fully Prove or Disprove Existence of God