8 Things You Should Know About This Most Haunted Bhangarh Fort

Updated on 11 Jul, 2018 at 2:41 pm


Ever had that feeling when you walk into a place that something just isn’t right? Your sixth sense is acting up, you get goosebumps and the place is just eerily clad with haze and deceit. Want to experience that again? The famous Bhangarh Fort has been haunted for years and no one’s dared to step foot inside the fort come nightfall. If you’re up for a thrill, this is a place you should definitely visit. But before you go, here are 8 things you should know about the most haunted place in India.

8. The Bhangarh fort is over 400 years old

Built in 1613 by Madho Singh, younger brother of the famous Mughal general Man Singh of Amber, the bhangarh fort is over 400 years old. Barely anything even remains of the Fort, but it’s not like that matters because no matter what’s at stake, people just don’t want to step foot near this historic fort. I guess words gotten out about it’s past.

Bhangarh Fort - The fort is over 400 years old

Bhangarh Fort

7. Cursed by a magician

Bhangarh has many stories attached to it, the most famous one being that it was cursed by a magician (Singhia Sevra) after his lust for the then Queen Ratnavati ended up killing him, but not before he could cast a curse upon the Queen and her Fortress. Surely enough, the fortress came to ruins within days and the Queen died a year later in a battle against her enemies from Ajabgarh. It’s been haunted ever since.

Bhangarh Fort - Cursed by a magician

Bhangarh Fort

6. It was once a thriving town

You may be wondering just how well the bhangarh Fort was doing before it was demolished. Contrary to perceptions, Bhangarh housed over 10,000 people right around when it was destroyed. And it’s not like they disappeared over time. Another rumour says that all 10,000 of them disappeared over night. If that’s not spooky, nothing is.

Bhangarh Fort - It was once a thriving town

Bhangarh Fort

5. Entry is banned after sunset and before sunrise


The rumours have gained so much popularity that it’s forced the Government to take strict action against unregulated entry into the fort. In fact, there were a few people who attempted to stay in Fort Bhangarh overnight but they were never to be seen again. This forced the Government’s hand, and now there’s a sign up which specifically prevents tourists from entering the fort before sunrise and after sunset.

Bhangarh Fort - Entry is banned after sunset and before sunrise

Bhangarh Fort

4. Fort Bhangarh is against entry of foreign tourists

Tourists from outside India are rarely welcomed to Fort Bhangarh, unless they have a special permit. It so happens that a majority of the people who’ve gone missing in the fort happen to be foreign tourists, which angered the Government even more since they disobeyed the entry law and disappeared soon after. So good luck trying to get in if you’re not from India.

Bhangarh Fort - Fort Bhangarh is against entry of foreign tourists

Bhangarh Fort

3. Many spiritualists reside nearby

It may sound weird, but a lot of priests and fathers come to try and relieve the fort of its curse. The infamous curse has spread so far, it has attracted priests from all over India. Funny thing is, the fort already has 4 temples residing within its walls; Lord Someshwar, Gopinath, Mangla Devi and Keshava Rai. But despite their combined efforts, the situation hasn’t gotten any better. Not that we’d know either since the fort is shut down from dusk till dawn.

Bhangarh Fort - Many spiritualists reside nearby

Bhangarh Fort

2. Site of archaeological importance

Archaeologists who are adamant and lucky enough to spend a chunk of their days in the fort claim that the fort has a lot of archaeological importance. It is said that tools, carvings and stone paintings of early man have been found within the fort. There were even natural springs and waterfalls located near the Lord Someshwar temple. Who knows what else they’ll find if the place was more open to tourists.

Bhangarh Fort - Site of archaeological importance

Bhangarh Fort

1. One among world’s most haunted places

It’s difficult to explain why they even have such a list. Maybe it’s just for the thrills or maybe it’s to attract tourists but Bhangarh Fort is in the ‘Top 10 Scariest Places in the World’. Usually at 6th or 7th spot, the fort has managed to make the list several times in a row, so much so that foreign tourists entering Rajasthan yearn to enter the fort. Unfortunately, the deeds of some can spoil an entire populace’s name.

Bhangarh Fort - One among world’s most haunted places

Bhangarh Fort