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8 Things Indians Do That Drive Foreigners Nuts

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 2:32 pm By

As humans, we’re not perfect; that’s an agreeable fact. But what happens when a whole bunch decide to skip that line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior? We make a fool of ourselves. Every country has its quirks; the way they act or behave is different in the eyes of others. So what are those subtle qualities of Indians that drive their foreign counterparts up the wall? Here’s a few:

8. Staring at people


Even as an Indian, I find it quite awkward when I’m minding my business, looking round at my surroundings and suddenly notice some random Indian dude staring right at me. And the beauty of it is he won’t look away even if you stare back at him. It’s a feat I tell you, to stare down an Indian. Mostly, your eyes just end up watering. But I have to say, it’s creepy as hell when it happens to you.

Staring at people

7. Know it Alls

A peculiar trait Indians have is having the inability to say “I don’t know”. For example, if you ask one for directions to a place, he’ll never tell you he doesn’t know (mostly anyway). He’ll just make up some random direction for you to follow, like he’s suddenly acquired heavenly knowledge. And we’re almost never right when we give random instructions (as if we’re supposed to be). It’s our thing. Get used to it.

Know it Alls

6. Littering

There’s not much that need be said regarding this topic. India is a dirty place, and that’s because of its illiterate (literate but they don’t act like it) population. Eat something, wipe your mouth, and throw it on the floor, even if the dustbin is right next to you. It’s like we hold some kind of ever-lasting grudge against pavements, roads and concrete. It’s ironic when these same people later complain that India is a dirty place. Wisen up people, the world is round not flat.


5. Spitting in public


Oh how I loathe people who chew pan and spit it out. More than the fact that it’s a disgusting habit anyway, some Indians chew it in an obnoxious manner; the teeth grind against each other like nails on a chalkboard and the red sludge fumigates out of every pore in the mouth. And to top it off, they spit that residue on the streets, especially from buses. How I wish I had a hammer to swing every time I saw one of these miscreants. Justice will be served one day, or whenever I can afford a non-lethal weapon.

Spitting in public

4. Defecating in public

I read a headline a few weeks ago which read “India is No.1 at No.1” and I laughed my ass off, only to realize later that we really are the most disgusting people around. I don’t know how we live with spray painting the walls of other people’s property a bright yellow, but apparently we do it and with pride! Just imagine what’s actually going into the Ganga which makes it the colour that it is today. 

Defecating in public

3. Being Cheap

I know a lot of non-Indians display their own talents in this field but we’re still up there in the top five, and it’s infuriating. We’re so calculative and stingy; give an Indian anything to do with math or money, preferably both, and he will shine! That’s why we have the brightest set of people and yet were one of the most poorly paid nations, especially in MBA where we’re last! In runs in our blood; another thing we’re so proud of. Oh and we have to get a “discount” on everything, don’t we?

Being Cheap

2. Always in a hurry

I can understand when there’s an emergency but to ALWAYS be in a hurry is just restlessness. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that too sometimes, but I never fuel the fire. I mean Indians are in a hurry to get out of trains, buses and even planes, where the drop could kill ya. They’re also in a hurry at every major checking point in life like application of the Driver’s license or Passports. The funniest part is that all these bodies are Government run and they’re so bloody slow, you’ll literally pull your hair out. You can see why we don’t manage out time well.

Always in a hurry

1. Hypocrites Galore

All this innocence doesn’t sit well on our faces. We have the world’s largest population yet we find a billion ways in which to make sex look like cancer and women like sluts. Everything about everything is wrong in India, especially when it comes to the S word. Recently on the news, a famous Indian vocalist stated that women shouldn’t wear jeans because it goes against our culture….OUR CULTURE! Jeans go against our culture. What does that even mean? That’s like saying animals go against our religion. There’s a limit to how hypocritical we appear. Why not just accept the fact and move on? “I like to move it, move it. I like to…MOVE IT!” (That’s a Madagascar reference, in-case one of you gets touchy and decide to sue me).


Hypocrites Galore


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