8 Things You Can Do Better Than An App

3:00 pm 13 Jun, 2014

First it was tobacco, then gold made an appearance and finally it settled on fuel. This is the chronological order of most desirable things over the years. But there is now a 4th item (much like the 4th dimension) which exploded on the scene; thanks to Google’s Android platform and that’s Apps (applications). Android gives its users a chance to experiment with the open source platform and create thousands over thousands of apps every single day. Today, the value of a phone is judged based on its compatibility with apps, multi-tasking power (many apps running together) and operating system. But I still think that somewhere in our now anti-social existence lays the possibility of us being better than these code crafted brain controlling devices. Let’s pit the creators verses their inventions and see just where we stand.

8. Dependency

There’s no denying that apps are fundamentally dependent on several factors like the phone’s processing power, the platform and mostly a Human to use it. Apps wouldn’t exist without us anyway. But can we exist without each other? Yes! Several humans can go through their daily routine without so much as a “hi” or “hello”. We have the capability to just…exist, just be with a bare minimum number of external factors and that’s what makes us survivors. True? Yes. Sad? Also yes.


7. Intuition

The way we think has taken on a completely new avatar with the advent of Apps. In-fact, apps are trying to replace people on a daily basis (okay let’s be honest, we all spend more time with apps than we do interacting with humans on a daily basis). But can they truly be more intuitive than us? The artificial intelligence that’s going into making these everyday astounds me, but they’re still only built by function. No app will do anything beyond its basic rule of coding so there’s never as much of a surprise, if you will, with apps as there is with humans. We’re just way too advanced for rules.


6. Adaptability

There’s no question here. With code comes rules, and those rules put apps in their place. An app can never adapt to something beyond what it is. A classic example would be if you put a phone and a human out in the sun. Just for argument sake, let’s have a camera app on in the phone. Now a human, if he’s hit by too much sunlight, can always just cover his eyes with his hand, use shades, wear a hat or take cover. However, a camera app will just show you a picture of what is, without trying to automatically adjust and best suit what’s being seen. And even if that were to happen, it would still follow the rule of code so you can expect other such trivialities to exist even after.


5. Conversation

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google have all created their own unique software which is able to comprehend and reply to humans. But beyond a few key words or sentences, these applications just cannot give us the reply we need. It’s great that iPhone owners can now get Siri to call them “Big Daddy” (which is really creepy) but does that again really compare to flirting with a girl? There’s a huge disconnect between the way these systems are designed to reply and I guess here again, intuition plays a huge role in understanding what the user wants more than what he just says. There’s no conversation like a real one.


4. Emotional

There’s no real competition here, but it just has to be said that Apps, in-spite of all the code, can instill a sense of emotion in humans, no matter how ‘ruled’ they are. Games are created with the sole intention of bringing a sense of ‘victory’ into our lives. No matter how silly the game, it can still garner those feelings from within. That being said however, there’s no feeling like being tucked in by one’s own mother or catching up with a bro/sis.


3. Multi-tasking

Code is a real buzz-kill, isn’t it? So many restrictions, and that’s not just on the app side but on the phone side as well. No matter how much functionality you put in an app, it won’t be of any use if the phone can’t process it. And even then, there’s the monotony of what the app is allowed to do. But humans can just, do whatever they want whenever they want. And just by sitting fixated in a single place, we’re seeing, breathing, smelling, touching and living, all at the same time! Aren’t we just amazing? You can just suck it apps!


2. More fun

This is maybe the most arguable point, but  I’ve always felt humans are way more fun than apps. In mean if you were to give me an LG G3 with the most interactive, intuitive, fun-filled app in the world and asked me to choose between that and grabbing a drink with my close friends, I’d be out of the door in a heart-beat. It’s not that apps aren’t fun, they definitely are. But all of the above things come into play when you think” I’m going to be sitting at home, alone, staring at my screen”. Humans are just way more fun, case closed.

More fun

1. Intelligence

And finally, we’re smarter. Not just in plain intelligence but in learning capability. Programs are being designed to think like us but come on, who can really think like humans? We come up with the most bizarre, crazy things. We create on the go. We have untamable imaginations, coupled with borderless thinking capacity and the determination to make things happen. Apps just do what we tell them to. We are the masters. In the end, we have Intelligence, they just have Artificial Intelligence.


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