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8 Social Issues In India That Demand Immediate Attention

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 4:55 pm By

India in the twenty-first century is portrayed as a modern, cultural and technologically advanced country. In fact, according to many other powers, India can soon let go off its “Third World” status and join the power wagons of the World. But, as an Indian, do you really feel India to be a progressive country? Well, to shed off its third world status, it needs to shed off some of the social woes which have shackled the country since ages. Let’s have a look at some—

8. Caste Discrimination


One of the foremost woes of the country is its bias toward caste discrimination. Everywhere you go, in the field of education, in the job sector, everywhere you’ll find places reserved for the socially backward classes and castes. Aimed at restricting the caste discrimination, don’t you think they are actually increasing the rift? We ardently wish that this reservation be on the basis of economic background and not social.


7. Female Infanticide

In a country where female goddesses are prayed and celebrated, it’s indeed shocking to see girl child killed in the womb of their mothers. Even now, in the modern age, every day innumerable girl children are being killed in different parts of the country—the reason for this atrocity is girls won’t fetch them money and hence, are not profitable. It’s high time we should outgrow this social taboo and be modern in the complete sense of the term.


6. Child Labor

According to laws laid by the Government, you cannot have a child working under you, or for you, if he or she is a minor, that is, less than 14 years old. But look around and you’ll find innumerable houses and local shops using children as “helping hands”. Besides this, at every crossing you’ll find children begging for money. According to the 2001 National census of India, an estimated number of 12.1 million children out of 253 million were being exploited as child labor and otherwise.



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5. Prostitution

Another social ill which stirs a food for thought is prostitution. Everyday innumerable women are forced to trade sex for money, and this is not something new, it has been on since ages but sadly, the Government doesn’t seem to be much bothered about it. Apparently, around 3 million women work as prostitutes in India besides the uncountable children who are daily being employed in this flesh trade. According to a survey, nearly 1.2 million children work as prostitutes.


4. Dowry

Dowry is an exemplification of how harsh rituals can be! According to this ritual, the family of the bride needs to pay a hefty sum of money, along with other necessities of their “daughter”, to her in-laws. No matter how poor you are, you are entitled to pay the sum, and if you fail to do so, be prepared for harsh consequences. In some cases, the bridegroom calls off the marriage right before the society while in some, the bride has to face severe torture, to the extent of being burning alive, post marriage.


3. Domestic Violence

Even after a girl is married off with adequate dowry, there’s no promise of her leading a placid life! No matter how good the bride is, she has to suffer the brunt of her husband and in-laws even if she has nothing to do with it. This is even true of modern societies; and, according to a research, nearly 70% of women in India are victims of domestic violence.


2. Gender Inequality

Even in this 21st century, the stringent patriarchal society of India stands tall. India is one country where even now male are more favored and wanted than female. And, this is true of not only the rural but also the “modern” urban areas. Be it the religious circle, the societal or the job sector, every single area has its own way of curbing the woman’s wishes and wants.

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1. Drug Abuse

India is a modern country, check. However, this modernity comes with its own baggage of woes—one of them being drug abuse which has enmeshed the youngsters of the country to its own mold. According to a recent survey, nearly 70% of the youth in Punjab are severely addicted to drugs—need we say anything about the whole country?




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