8 Simple Hairstyles For Girls That Will Make You Stand Out In Every Occasion

Updated on 24 Sep, 2018 at 5:38 pm


Just because you are super lazy doesn’t mean you cannot look your best. Mornings are hard enough without the need to worry about how to look your personal best with fashion and hairstyle on point. Well, hairstyle is something that completes the entire look of every girl. From short to long, curly to straight, every girl thinks of the most perfect hairstyle for her outfit that adds value to her look. But it is not easy to make hair look good every time, right?! We are always on the lookout for simple hairstyles for girls on the internet that are perfect for every occasion.

Well, your search is over! From intricate braids to beach waves, it is easy to follow certain simple steps to get the quintessential look with the least amount of efforts. We have compiled a list of super-chic yet simple hairstyles that are perfect for girls who are always on the run!

Take a look at these 8 step-by-step processes of easy and simple hairstyles for girls:


1. Easiest curls ever!


Step 1: Secure your hair in a high pony using fabric-covered elastic and split the tail in two halves.
Step 2: Wrap the first half over and around a curling iron for about 10 seconds, depending on the texture of your hair. Repeat the process with the second half.
Step 3: Open your ponytail and separate the curls using your fingers.


2. Voluminous Ponytail



Step 1: Pull your hair back into a high tight ponytail and secure the hair with a tie or elastic.
Step 2: Split the tail in two halves and place a really small clip into the base of the pony. You need to make sure that the clip stays hidden.


3. Headband Halo



Step 1: Place an elastic headband around the top of your head.
Step 2: Take a small portion of hair by your ear and pull it back loosely in a weave through the elastic.
Step 3: Repeat the process through your other ear and blend the two ends together.



4. Simple Temple Twist


Step 1: Take a portion of your hair from one side of the temple, twist it, and pull it to the side.
Step 2: Secure it with a bobby pin.
Step 3: Repeat the same process with the other side of the temple.

5. Undone Bun


Step 1: No time to wash hair? No problem! Take your hair and tie them in a ponytail.
Step 2: Twist the ponytail into a loose bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins.
Step 3: Let some unruly bangs fall off your face.

6. Flower Braid


Step 1: Gather a section of your hair from both sides of the head in a line with your temples. Put the section into a small pony on the back of your head and braid the pony down till the end.
Step 2: Tug at sections of the braid to make it a little loose and voluminous. This will help in the creation of flower finish.
Step 3: Spin the braid around in a bun and secure it with pins to make it look neat.

7. Beach Waves



Step 1: Dampen your hair a bit and separate them into larger or smaller sections according to your need of waves.
Step 2: Twist these sections tightly and blow-dry them as you hold them.
Step 3: After all the hair has been blow-dried, separate it lightly using your fingers for soft and beachy waves.


8. Classic Pony


Step 1: Separate your hair into two sections – one in front and one in the back. Secure the back half into a ponytail.
Step 2: Pull the right half of front section across the back of your head over the hair tie of the ponytail and pin it using bobby pins on the top of ponytail. You have to cover the elastic tie.
Step 3: Repeat the process using the left half of the front section, draping it over the ponytail. Make sure to secure it with pins for a finished look.

Evidently, these simple hairstyles for girls can help them ace any look in every season. So get your hair and makeup ready and rock the world!