8 Reasons To Shun WWE Immediately

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Updated on 9 May, 2014 at 12:10 pm


The reasons will speak louder than the entertainment quotient this sport carries, as to why WWE should very much avoided, especially for the little ones who might not get the right things to learn from it.

8. Blood!

Though the wrestlers do genuinely get injured and sustain injuries that might prove fatal to them, sometimes the wrestlers fake some injuries as a result of the nature of this sport. These purposeful injuries are created with the help of a blade which is passed on to them during the match. So if you are a keen observer you may be successful in identifying which of their moves is real and which is fake. But for all those little kids, every fake move turns out to be real for them, so such gruesome sights should be kept well out of sight for them. Not to forget, the famous move of spitting blood is said to be created with the help of a blood capsule.


7. Violent Shots


The usage of the props to hit the opponent is common in WWE matches. The table and chair shots are said to be real in nature and copying it in real life by viewers is expected. Sometimes these props are pre-cut so that they break in a manner which appears real. They also introduced some hurtful shots moves which were later on banned because of its intensity, such as the ‘Batista Bomb’, ‘Chair Shots on head’, ‘Piledriver’(unless the wrestler has taken permission to use it) etc. So, though WWE itself has banned some of the moves, it still cannot be considered less violent.

Violent Shots

6. Steroid Use Rampant

This problem is not unique only to WWE; however it has been under the radar for the rumors of wrestlers consuming steroids. If you notice, most of the wrestlers haven’t survived for long, the reason for their short life has always boiled down to their using growth hormones to maintain their physique. A report said that about 62 wrestlers died since 2000, many of them in their mid-to-late 50’s and some even younger. This as a result has led to WWE setting up a program which monitors their drug usage. So, you decide whether they are role models?

Steroid Use Rampant

5. Referee is a role-play

Unlike other professional sports, the referees of the WWE not only play the role of a neutral onlooker but also contribute with their piece of acting to add some drama in the match. You can see them getting intentionally punched or banged to give a chance to the baddy to cheat. He also is continuously in touch with the backstage team and is constantly guided of when the game should be halted or how the ending of the match should be altered. It is also rumored that they pass on a razor to the wrestler when the match is required to be made a little bloody alongside maintaining the decorum of following the rulebook.

Referee is a role-play

4. Drama, Drama And More Drama

The WWE wrestlers have a pseudo names such as CM Punk, The Rock, Undertaker etc., and these characters are miles away from the person they actually are. Some of these wrestlers wear masks, invent their appearance, have unique attire (such as John Cena wearing denim shorts), have slogans (such as ‘Finally the rock has come’ by The Rock, ‘You can’t see me’ by John Cena, ‘And that’s the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so’ by Stone Cold) and have a entrance theme which is played especially for them giving them a unique identity. All this is done as a marketing gimmick to over publicize the WWE characters and make money out of it. Where the fakeness starts from the name, you can imagine the rest.

Drama, Drama And More Drama

3. Sexist

They have been under the scanner for being racist and sexist. Women in WWE are seen more as a tool to titillate the audience. WWE has some good lot of women wrestlers; however they are hardly pushed for their wrestling skills and are there to create drama like a soap opera. Scantily clothed they create a negative stereotype about women. Further you witness harsh moves when women are dragged by their hair by the WWE star. Even if someone watched it for entertainment, forgetting the fakeness, do you think this kind of attitude has anything good to teach us?


2. Scripted

The wrestlers often ‘call spots’, a term commonly used in WWE which means instruct the opponent of their next moves or the moves they want to receive, in order to make the match interesting and watchable. Sometimes, they plan only the big spots and leave the rest for spontaneity. So, you are left wondering if what you are watching is simply hyped to such an extent for mere entertainment which too happens to be unreal.


1. No Role Models

The above reasons sum up that this sport is simply not something we would want our kids or ourselves to pursue. A sport which gives you momentary fame and money but that too lasts till the time you have the action in you. The continuous challenge of equaling drama with performance might take a toll on you. Though, a choice that one needs to make for oneself, have a look at some of the WWE stars and decide for yourself, if they are the actual role models for you.


No Role Models