8 Qualities You Want to See in a Hostel Warden

3:00 pm 11 Jan, 2014

Why are all the hostel wardens the same? All of them are grumpy old men or women who have nothing better to do, but to think of new ways of making the life of students worse. Why can’t hostel wardens be cool? It would be great to have a new breed of hostel wardens that the students can actually get along with. But what would such a warden be like? Here are a few qualities that the new type of warden should have.

8. Young Wardens – no more generation gaps:

He/She should be young. That is the first rule. No matter how cool you are, if you are old then there’s always going to be a generation gap between you and the students. Hostel wardens should be young and savvy so that they can relate to the students and their generation.

8 Qualities You Want to See in a Hostel Warden

7. Cool Warden – someone who doesn’t make a big deal out of everything:

Hostel wardens should be cool. No more uptight wardens that seem to have a stick up their backside. We want wardens that are relaxed and chilled out and just basically cool. We want wardens who don’t stress out too much over small things and like to take things nice and slow.

8 Qualities You Want to See in a Hostel Warden

6. Friendly Wardens – genuine friendship and back biting:

We also want our wardens to be friendly for a change. But not the sneaky friendly types who pretend to be sweet only to backstab later. We want genuine friendly wardens who are interested in getting to know the students and understand them. Those images of strict old wardens that were supposed to be like the father away from home have to change.

8 Qualities You Want to See in a Hostel Warden

5. Lenient – wardens are requested to redefine their concept of punishment:

The warden should also be more lenient. I mean students will make mistakes. That’s what they do. That’s how they learn. We need wardens who won’t punish or complain the students for every little mistake. We need more relaxed wardens that have a different view about mistakes and punishment.

8 Qualities You Want to See in a Hostel Warden

4. Easy to Bribe – but with chips and drinks:

One very important quality a warden should have is that they should be easy to bribe. Students can’t afford much so the wardens should not be too greedy. They should settle for a few drinks or a packet of chips. And we all know that we have to bribe the warden from time to time to get some things done. There’s just no other way. So it would be nice to have wardens that are easy to bribe.

8 Qualities You Want to See in a Hostel Warden

3. Party Savvy Wardens – we’ll party together:

How about a warden that himself likes to party? That would be awesome! Imagine having a party in the hostel and not having to hide and be quiet because of the fear of the warden. Instead you could invite the warden and have as much fun as you want. Now that would be a really cool warden.

8 Qualities You Want to See in a Hostel Warden

2. Listen to Reasons – being stubborn is old school:

Also we would like wardens to be rational and intelligent. Grumpy old men don’t listen to reason and just stick to what they know stubbornly. Sometimes you need to do something that might break a rule or two and if it doesn’t harm anyone then the warden should be rational enough to allow it. Otherwise students are going to have to lie and hide which isn’t best for anyone.

8 Qualities You Want to See in a Hostel Warden

1. Get a Life – students are not punching bags to ward off your frustration:

Most of all, the warden should have a life of their own, maybe a girlfriend or boyfriend, which ever the case. That would keep them busy and they wouldn’t be too concerned about what everyone else is doing. The biggest reason wardens are such a pain in the neck (I mean another body part) is because they don’t have a life of their own. They are married to wives who don’t want to see them and their children are all grown up and left home. We’d like some wardens who have a life and don’t have the time to conjure up new ways to torture the students.

8 Qualities You Want to See in a Hostel Warden


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