8 Points That Tell Being Tall Isn’t Always Fun

Updated on 11 Sep, 2014 at 3:24 pm


If you ask any man what kind of girl they’d prefer, most of them would inevitably “settle” for the girl with long and sexy legs! While we’re certainly pissed off by their chauvinist attitude (in most cases) but we cannot ignore that in many cases, even the girls envy those with a slightly “better” height than the rest! But guys, we believe that the word “better” is indeed a subjective term, and to prove ourselves correct, we’ve come with a few points that scream out loud the discrepancies and problems faced by taller girls in India, everyday! Have a look—

8. You are definitely NOT your age!

Who else than those aunties at the wedding can comment like this! If you’re tall and wearing an ethnic wear, be prepared to being criminalized for hiding your “real” age!

You are definitely NOT your age!

7. Tallest in your Group


If you’re the tallest girl in your friend’s circle, then you’re gone! Imagine the condition when you’ll have to bend down each time while clicking group pictures or posing with your boy friend for that great selfie!

Tallest in your Group

6. Not every Guy is Tall

Well, the heart really breaks when you find out that not all the cute guys and handsome men around you are tall enough to look good besides you! Can you please name something more annoying than this?

Not every Guy is Tall

5. The Apathy of Not Being Able to Find the Right Dress

Well, as you know, in India, you generally don’t find clothes specifically designed for the taller women; and a bane like this is indeed very scary! Imagine the pathetic condition when you pick up a tee of your “size” only to find it look like a crop top on you when you try in on! Trust me, there’s nothing scarier than not being able to find the right length for your dresses!

The Apathy of Not Being Able to Find the Right Dress

4. Chances of Hitting Your Head increases!

Have you ever been to the temples in the Vindyachal or some other places with low (and really low) doors and ceilings? Yes, getting through it becomes quite irksome even for the shorter people; but imagine our condition when we have to be curdled like anything and yet manage to get inside? Even in case of mini buses and low-ceilinged buildings, we need to bend our backs as long as we’re there! It’s a pain that only people with taller heights can confirm to!

Chances of Hitting Your Head increases!

3. Being Tall Girl Means the Last Row is Booked for you!

Be it a group dance performance, a group recitation or a song—if you’re tall, then inevitable you shall be a part of the last row, no matter how good you look or how good you are in the thing you’re participating in. Besides, have you ever seen yourself making it beside the teachers in the Class Photographs? Well, yet another sort of punishment it is! Sigh!

Being Tall Girl Means the Last Row is Booked for you!

2. Tall Girl! Sit on the Last Bench!

If you’ve been a tall girl since school, you might have heard this lot from your class teacher! We really don’t understand the logic behind it—yes, a student might be tall but that doesn’t guarantee her proper eye sight! Beside, being seated at the last bench is no less than punishment after all, more that often it’s the most humid part of the classroom. Punishment for being tall, eh?

Tall Girl! Sit on the Last Bench!

1. Heels? What Are You Buying Those For?

Well, one of the worst things about being tall is that you give people serious complex when you go and buy yourself a pair of heels. While we seriously don’t mind giving such, it, nevertheless, becomes quite irksome when everyone, from your parents and friends to the distant relatives and neighbors start complaining about your wearing heels. It’s high time that people understand that girls wear heels not to increase (or decrease) the chances of matrimonial alliances but for sheer fashion! That’s it!


Heels? What Are You Buying Those For?