8 Most Stylish Football Managers In The FIFA World Cup 2014 Who Can Be Your Fashion Icons

3:00 pm 4 Jul, 2014


Yes, the FIFA World Cup is here and whether you win or lose, you’ve still got to look respectable on the field (even if you don’t act respectable). And this adheres most to the national team coaches. They’re always in the thick of things; whether their team wins or loses, their players commit a foul or fake it, they make an amazing/horrible substitution. And through it all, they still look classy. And that’s what really counts, doesn’t it? Okay…that’s debatable. But while that debate’s going on, take a look at the top 8 most stylish football managers of the FIFA World Cup.

8) Didier Deschamps (France):

One of the more classy footballers of his time, Didier Deschamps was appointed as the France National Squad Head coach on the 12th of September after France’s disappointing run in the 2010 World Cup. Not only does he bring a change in the team mentality (as one can see from France’s 3-0 win a few days ago) but he’s also managed to make a name for himself in the fashion industry. For his cool headedness and class, he’s earned the 8th spot on our list.

Didier Deschamps (France)

7) Roy Hodgson (England):


Famous for guiding Switzerland to the last 16 of the World Cup and Euro Cup (1994 and 1996), Roy Hodgson was given the honour of becoming the England’s National Manager on the 1st of May, 2012. And with great power comes great fashion sense! Hodgson almost always fancies a suit no matter how the climate is. Coming off a terrible World Cup, Roy hopes to lead his team to a memorable World Cup in ‘style’, although it hasn’t exactly gotten off to a great start.

Roy Hodgson (England)

6) Jurgen Klinsmann (USA):

Klinsmann is a pleasant change for the untraditional. He has a more casual style of dressing which mostly includes a shirt and formal trousers with his sweater tied around his neck. Having taken over the managerial shoes for USA on August 1st of 2011, Klinsmann is currently one of their better coaches till date with an impressive 63% win percentage. Klinsmann believes his more casual demeanor would lead his team to a World Cup win and although USA has exited, he was close to being proved right.

Jurgen Klinsmann (USA)

5) Paulo Bento (Portugal):

I don’t think looking smart is going to help Paulo Bento after Portugal’s embarrassing 4-0 defeat to Germany, but hey he’s trying his best. Bento’s been leading the Portugal side after they crashed out of the 2010 World Cup, and since then he’s kept them afloat with a 58 % win percentage. But that took a major dive after the Germany match, but he still managed to look classy through it all and like I said earlier, that’s what matters.

Paulo Bento (Portugal)

4) Sabri Lamouchi (Ivory Coast):

He may not be the most popular manager, but even if he doesn’t win the Cup, he’s certainly one of the most stylish Football Managers. To his credit, Sabri is also really young and after taking over Ivory Coast in 2012, he’s guided them to the World Cup. So he has a lot of time to win World Cups, but he can only be fashionably young for so long.

Sabri Lamouchi (Ivory Coast)

3) Fabio Capello (Russia):

It doesn’t matter that he  was sacked as the England manager a couple of years back, it matters how professionally he carries himself off and to his credit, he’s done so pretty well. Capello was sacked after 4 years in charge of England after failing terribly with the England team. But he’s moved to Russia and his guidance is seeing results there. He’s dresses in a classic suit-tie-trousers combination and sometimes even fashions a coat when the weather’s too chilly. He might have failed England but he certainly hasn’t failed his wardrobe.

Fabio Capello (Russia)

2) Nico Kovac (Croatia):

Nico Kovac is undoubtedly one of the best looking managers around. To his credit, he is only 42 years old (a surprisingly young age to coach a National Team). He was the coach of the under 21 Croatia team just 2 years ago and his performance as a manager deemed him worthy of the National team. His tucked back hair and graceful smile makes him the closest to winning the most fashionable manager award.

Nico Kovac (Croatia)

1) Joachim Löw (Germany):

Why are Germans so darn good at everything? Joachim Löw carries off the semi-formal look so well, it leaves many wondering whether he was a model in his younger days. His classic shirt and black trouser has made several women in the audience faint, and his passion and dedication for the German team makes him popular with the guys, too. There you go. Yet again, a German steals the show.


German Manager

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