8 Mind-Blowing Facts About Drones

Updated on 21 Dec, 2013 at 5:15 pm


The sky is not crowded by birds and planes alone, drones are steadily on the rise. But what exactly do we know about these flying machines? As the technology is progressing, so are these aerial devices. Drones come up with a tremendous potential and are of a variety of shapes and sizes. They range from tiny radio-controlled devices that are flown by various hobbyists to enormous military machines which are larger in size than a human being.

A drone is generally termed as an UAV that is any unmanned aerial vehicle. These devices are also labeled as remotely piloted aircrafts (RPA), unmanned aerial system (UAS) or simply unmanned aircrafts (UA). Whatever be their name, all of them have certain things in common, which include:

  • They all are remotely controlled
  • They transmit data back to the ground source
  • They are unmanned

The smallest of the drones are very nimble and can get into such places where human reach is impossible. Read along to know about 8 mind-blowing facts of drones.

8. Environmental Compliance:


The biggest problem faced by the environmental law enforcement is the daunting task of monitoring dumping of toxic wastes and other such clandestine activities especially during night hours. But now drones have the potential to be the most cost effective and efficient solution to check the problem. Customized Drones can be deputed to guard and keep a constant check even during odd hours.

Environmental Compliance - Mind-Blowing Facts About Drones

7. Disaster Relief:

Drones can be utilized for a wide range of applications including disaster relief. They have the potential to enter radiation-filled “hot zones”, where it gets quite dangerous and perilous for humans to enter. For example after an unfortunate nuclear accident, drones can be deputed to scout for any survivors in a vast landscape completely covered with debris.

Disaster Relief - Mind-Blowing Facts About Drones

6. Real-Estate Sales:

Daniel was a UAV videographer, who utilized his drone to capture riveting pictures of the high end properties for the Los Angeles real-estate market. The police authorities shut down his business, reporting that the commercial use of drones was illegal. Well that’s no longer an issue now as according to the federal law signed in the year 2012, drone technology can be used for commercial applications. Daniel is now comfortably enjoying his lucrative business with his drone technology.

Real-Estate Sales - Mind-Blowing Facts About Drones

5. Atmospheric Research:

Ozone layer, located in the upper layers of the atmosphere plays a very crucial role in protecting the Earth’s surface from the very harmful ultraviolet radiations. In order to have a better understanding of the ozone interaction with the vapors, NASA is now sending a UAV into the stratospheric layer of the atmosphere, where ozone is found. This research is mainly being conducted in order to study how the effects of changes in water vapors in the stratosphere can affect the climate globally.

Atmospheric Research - Mind-Blowing Facts About Drones

4. Wildlife Research:

A 3 feet long drone called Raven A, equipped with a small camera is being tested by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), to check if it can be utilized for conducting various aerial counts of the endangered sand hill crane. They are even thinking of examining the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutans nest in the treetops, which are otherwise very difficult to study. But with the help of drones they can easily investigate and navigate the natural habitat areas. Such drone scouting will indeed provide very valuable information for assisting conservation programs.

Wildlife Research - Mind-Blowing Facts About Drones

3. Highway Monitoring:

On an average there are about 4 million miles of highways crisscrossing America alone, but who’s keeping a check on all of them? There is a probability that someday Drones will maintain a constant check over them. Recently a project undertaking the study of drones for using them in order to inspect roads and bridges and also surveying lands with laser mapping in order to alert officials about traffic jams and report accidents received a $75,000 grant form the Federal Highway Administration and the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Highway Monitoring - Mind-Blowing Facts About Drones

2. Sports Photography:

Pioneer in the consumer use of UAV technology, Falkor Systems has targeted the extreme sports photography and videos for drone use. Their main focus would be on action-packed sports activities involving skiing and base-jumping, etc.

Sports Photography - Mind-Blowing Facts About Drones

1. Journalism:


Besides learning how to create attention grabbing and snappy headlines, the journalism students are also being given the drone flying lessons at the University of Missouri in Columbia. The top ranked university features various classes in drones as info-gathering tools. The students are being taught the usage of the device for photography, videos, report investigation and lots more.

Journalism - Mind-Blowing Facts About Drones

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