8 Iconic Mascots Of Most Popular Indian Brands And The Inspiration Behind Them

Updated on 14 Jun, 2018 at 2:43 pm


Mascots have been essential to not only connect but drive the marketing sales for any brand. They are one of the most integral part of the company’s vision in the long run. In the age of social media and digitization, there are some mascots which created an ever lasting space in the Indian consumer minds.

There are some logos from some brands which are no longer in use or will be soon extinct, but not without leaving their mass impression. Let’s have a look at 10 iconic Indian brand mascots which and the people who brought them forward. This is going to be interesting!

1.  Parle: ‘Parle G girl’


The girl on the Parle-G packet is Neerja Deshpande of Nagpur. An anonymous Quora post describes her as of 4 years 3 months when an artist captured her, which was later denied by Mayank Shah, Group Product Manager at Parle. He insists it was an illustration which was made in 60s by an  Everest creative. It was said that Neerja was captured by her father when the brand needed a child model.

2. Nirma: ‘Nirma Girl’


Nirma was founded by Karsanbhai Patel whose brand mascot, the ‘Nirma Girl‘, was actually his daughter Nirupama! Clad in a white frilly frock, she’s still remembered by all housewives who use Nirma’s washing soap or powders till date. This mascot was conceived when Gujarat-based ad agency Purnima Advertising and given the scale of advertising at that time, she became a brand ambassador.

3. Amul: ‘The Amul Girl’


That girl on the yellow butter packing has interesting story. In 1966, Amul decided to recruit Sylvester da Cunha Advertising agency from Mumbai to promote their brand. Sylvester da Cunha (MD) and Eustace Ferndez (Art Director) created this polka dotted frock wearing girl with blue hair and a high pony. She became the ‘Amul girl‘.

4. Asian Paints: ‘Gattu’


Gattu was created in 1954 by cartoonist RK Laxman. The street boy holding a bucket and brush became the face of Asian Paints from 1950-2002. That time, Gattu and his paint brush adorned the walls with just paint cans. The lovable character was conceived in 1942 but hit the TV screens only in 1990s. The company’s new corporate identity had no place for Gattu since 2006.

5. Air India: ‘Maharaja’



Air India’s Maharaja has been royal with them since 1946! It was created by commercial director SK ‘Bobby’ Kooka and Umesh Rao, an artist associated with J Walter Thompson Ltd. By 2015, this old Maharaja got a makeover. Those hands folded in namaskar greeting and that signature turban, became an identity in the aviation industry.

6. Vodafone: ‘ZooZoos’


The most liked animated creatures (thanks to Vodafone) was conceived by Rajiv Rao, the National Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather, and creator of the Pug ads as well. He created these human body animations which became the USP of not only the telecom company but for the Indian Premier League break time fun as well.

7. Boomer: ‘Boomer Man’


This famous bubble gum mascot looks like a blue super hero which fascinated the 90’s kids. The ‘Boomer Man‘ pitched the sales for Boomer as the best selling chewing gum since 1995. It was brought to India by Joyca, a confectionery major from Spain. Ever since, the ‘Boomer Man’ appeared like a saviour of all to kids.

8. Murphy Radio: ‘Murphy Baby’

Most don’t know that the Murphy Radio’s original mascot which was a girl was replaced by a boy later, who goes by the name Kagyur Tulku Rinpoche. He became the Murphy baby who resided in Manali. He was three years old at the time of the ad shoot but was replaced only when the original baby girl had died. This cute face propelled the sales of the British company.