8 Football Players People Loathe Quite A Great Deal

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:14 pm


We all admire the beautiful game of football with elation and thrill. For fans, anticipating the desired result just 90 minutes can bring in lots of drama and action. In that outlook, the green football pitch dramatically turns into a coliseum and the players exchange blows like gladiators. Sometimes, these brawls and struggles can turn into verbal battles and at times into a major conflict. However, some football players have an inclination to create trouble and are thus classified as the most hated footballers. Such clashes rarely get ignored by referees or the cameras, and get stored forever in the hall of shame. Fans take in such scuffles and mock them with loathed quotes. The following list comprises names of such 8 most hated footballers.

8. Emmanuel Adebayor

Ever since his move from Emirates to Etihad, the Togolese footballer has been a prominent hate figure especially among the Arsenal fans. Even Emmanuel declares his football skills go crumbling when up against the Gunners. However, the Togo forward has his own controversial style of celebration to shut the critics.

7. Sergio Busquets

The Spanish defensive midfielder is probably the most hated footballer in Spain especially for his impious tackles and over exaggeration on several actions. The commentators and fans describe Sergio as a player who dips in for challenges with cheats more willingly than a strategic attempt. His uncalled actions and the habit to misguide referees, often makes his name for bookings and something for the fans to shout about.

6. Ashley Cole

The English defender who made his move from Arsenal to Chelsea is nicknamed “Cashley” for his notorious car crash due to his inadequate wage at Emirates. The defender was a high-flying topic with the media for cheating his pop singer wife Cheryl Tweed. Ashley admitted his defeat to baffling questions from media especially when he accidentally shot a student in Cobham. The defender was also involved in a mock battle with is English teammate Rio Ferdinand for a racial abuse.

5. Joey Barton

Throughout his football career, numerous controversial incidents and consequential loathe quotes have haunted the midfielder as the most controversial figure in English Football. Branded for his offensive play and violent conduct, Barton had to serve some time in state prison too. His violent temperament has been headlines more than a few times. Incidents like his fight against Manchester City, punching Pederson and sticking cigar in the eye of Jamie Tandy are some haunting evidences of his complex character.


4. Carlos Tevez

From the red province to the blue territory, Carlos became a hate figure among the Manchester United fans for his shocking transfer to the city arch rivals. However, the Argentinean forward was rubbed the wrong way in Etihad and was constantly benched by Mancini for his sluggish behavior. Even in his present club Juventus, Carlos is familiar and hated for his egocentric attitude and selfish mentality.

3. Nemanja Vidic

The chief export of Nemanja Vidic is pain. Such jokes are common things that fans tag with Serbian international. Indeed, Vidic is the best defender for the red devils, but fans mock him with disgust for his notorious style of defending. Football supporters have frankly declared that if a player in red jersey commits a foul, he will surely be the center back with number 15.

2. Mario Balotelli

Mario is surely the most controversial Italian forward ever. From Inter Milan to Manchester City and then to AC Milan, Mario is mocked by the fans with monkey chants and bananas. Moreover, Mario has been involved in several verbal conflicts with his teammates and coaches. In his stay at Etihad, he was once shamefully substituted by Mancini for a foolish miss and unprofessional behavior in a friendly match.

1. Luis Suarez

From Hand off goal to sinking his teeth in Ivanovic’s wrist, Luis Suarez has earned more hate than any other Uruguayan footballer. The brilliant forward for Liverpool was also involved in a racist abuse with Patrick Evra and other premier league challengers. His redundant appealing habits and braying inclinations have made the player a common mock among the football fans.