8 Favorite Pleasant Picnic Gateways For The Calcuttans

7:00 pm 28 Mar, 2014


This earth is inhabited by people of different tastes, choices, likes and dislikes; and we all share one common delight that is going out for a picnic. Be it a person in his 80s or a toddler—the excitement on going for a picnic is a whole new game altogether; and, if it’s the Bengalis you’re talking about, then you must visit Kolkata in the winters when the weekends experience more traffic hazards than the early weekdays—thanks to the custom of picnics! Calling upon this, we’ve selected a few pleasant and rejuvenating picnic spots around Kolkata, which you can visit even during the summer (tried and tested!)—

8. Babur Haat

If you want to spend a quiet time with your friends and family in an idyllic rural surrounding that would turn you into another Wordsworth, well then Babur Haat is just the place for you! Located just 51 kilometers from Kolkata on Basanti road, Babur Haat promises to provide a serene calmness to your eyes with the vast stretches of paddy, ponds, orchards, and of course, the local temples!

Babur Haat


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7. Geonkhali

Located 130 kilometers from Kolkata, Geonkhali is one of the most picturesque picnic/weekend destinations near Kolkata that anyone bored with the mundane cityscape would enjoy. It is the place of confluence of three rivers—Rupnarayan, Hoogly and Damodar, and is famous for the Mahisadal palace as well as the historically enriched temple that’s a part of the palace!


6. Falta

Falta is known for several reasons—once upon a time, Siraj-ud-Daullah took refuge in here from the British; however, the history of this places goes back more than a 1000 years ago when Tamluk (near Falta) would be one of the major Buddhist pilgrimage site. However, now it’s known as a place where you can just let go of all your tensions and be yourself amidst serene nature overlooking the confluence of Hoogly and Rupnarayan.


5. Taki

Taki is famous for Durga Visarjan—for it allows you the glimpse of both Bangladesh’s and India’s goddesses coming together for “Visarjan” in the heart of Ichamati river. If you want to savor the true rural charm of Bengal—then it be the place. Once here, don’t forget to visit the “Machranga Dweep” where the confluence of the Ichamati and Vasa rivers take place—truly a rejuvenating site.


4. Garchumuk

Garchumuk happens to be the favorite spot of Bengalis since ages. The place is locally called “Atanna Gate”—a name that the place has bagged due to a barrage on the nearby river with 58 gates! If you’re wondering whether something here is available, apart from the natural beauty, which could hold the children engrossed, well, don’t worry! The Garchumuk Deer Park, adjacent to the picnic spot, with innumerable deer, is surely gonna do the job of a baby sitter—and pretty well so!


3. Dhamakhali

Although doing a day trip to Sunderbans is almost impossible for anyone, you can still savor the essence of the place by making a trip to Dhamakhali—the gateway to the Sunderbans. Mangroves trees, the dark blue water beneath them and with a clear sky above— this place is just apt to spend a quality “we” time! And, in case your kids want to have an extra dollop of fun, take them boating on the river!


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2. Chandur Forest, Arambagh

Are you an old-school person whose heart craves for the “vana-bhajan” (Sanskrit for “picnic”) that you’ve read about or seen in films and old photographs? Well, do not worry any more for we bring to you the address to your dream destination. Crowded by trees of different species, across which a quaint river flows and where you can hear nothing but the chirping of birds, Chandur Forest has everything that is required to make an “ideal” and “perfect” picnic destination.


1. Gadiara

Our pick for the perfect picnic—Gadiara is an out and out epitome of a perfect gateway. Situated at the confluence of Damodar, Rupnarayan and Hoogly, the specialty of this place is the stretch of greenery as the river bank, where you can spend a lazy time with your near and dear ones!



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