8 Depressing Facts About The Internet

6:15 am 13 Aug, 2013

The internet is said to be the greatest invention by mankind right up there with the steam engine and the wheel. It’s literally changed our world and affected the entire earth. We are now living in the age of the internet revolution. And there is no doubt that the internet has had a lot of good effects on the world. But there are certain negative effects of the internet as well. These effects are not because there is something inherently wrong with the internet but it just reflects what’s wrong with our society and amplifies the effects. This can be a little depressing to seriously think about what these negative effects imply. Here are 8 depressing facts about the internet.

8. It’s Filled With Porn:

As soon as the internet was made, people said, “oh what a great invention, now we can watch porn anywhere!” I mean how sex obsessed are we? Most people spend a large part of their online time, surfing porn. Now that we have a lot more social networking sites, this might have decreased a little bit but I’m sure still most of us do surf for porn at one time during the day. It’s just disgusting.

It's Filled With Porn

7. It’s Ruining Grammar:

Grammar and spellings have taken a bit hit because of the internet. AFK, BRB, GTG, ROFL, LOL, FAQ, FYI, IMHO, the list of internet abbreviations just goes on. I mean seriously WTF! Soon we’d be speaking a language that would be completely different from English. Some would say it’s a natural evolution of the language and we shouldn’t fight it but for a grammar freak like me it’s really depressing to see the state of our language. And don’t even get me started on emoticons!

It's Ruining Grammar

6. It Has Led To Reduced Attention Spans:

There is so much information on the internet that it’s become a problem in itself. The information highway is full of traffic and it has led to reduced attention spans. We find it hard now to read a long document when we can get the same information in 140 character tweets. This problem is becoming apparent among the children of today’s generation.

It Has Led To Reduced Attention Spans

5. Can’t Have A Healthy Discussion On Any Topic:

One thing that really infuriates me is trolling. No matter where you go you can always find trolls there. Internet was supposed to open up debates about various topics but it’s so hard to have a serious discussion about any topic with hundreds of trolls ready to argue your every point with deformed logic. There are videos, blogs and sites on the internet that represent every point of view in the world but none of them are helping anyone because they are full of comments from trolls that hate that particular point of view.

Can't Have A Healthy Discussion On Any Topic

4. Homophobia and Misogyny Are Rampant:

A depressing thing is to see how many people are still homophobic and misogynist and racist. All forms of discriminations are found on the internet and it just reflects how backwards our thinking still is. We have become a global society but our attitudes haven’t changed much since the 19th century. Good people are working towards all these topics but it’s depressing to see how many people still don’t get it.

Homophobia and Misogyny Are Rampant

3. Only 1% Of Users Are Creators:

The whole world is online but according to some studies only 1% of the people online are creators. The rest are either contributors or just lurkers. Some people just go around abusing others in comments and do nothing else. With such a great tool available it would have been really interesting to see everyone become creators but people haven’t taken on that role yet.

Only 1% Of Users Are Creators

2. Social Or Anti-Social Networking?

The social networking sites that have brought people of around the world closer have also taken neighbors away from each other. Today everyone has their head buried in their device. Everyone is busy tweeting and liking and sharing and posting stuff on social networks but they have no time to interact with the person sitting right in front of them.

Social Or Anti-Social Networking

1. It’s Led To Reduction in Productivity:

Another depressing thing about the internet is that it’s more of a distraction than a tool. If used properly it can be a great tool to improve productivity and collaborate with people around the world. But sadly most people waste 80% of the time they spend online doing unproductive stuff. Most of it is spent liking photos of your friend’s baby! The expectations from the internet were much higher. Maybe it will take some time before people can figure out a way to use the internet properly.

It's Led To Reduction in Productivity

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