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8 Crucial Problems Often Faced By A Creative Mind

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 5:52 pm By

Many people consider creativity to be thinking out of box, whereas, in reality creativity knows that there is no box at all. Creativity goes hand in hand with progress, innovation and improvement. We wouldn’t be where we are today if not for those creative humans who came up with ideas to make things better for them and people around them. Wasn’t a creative mind behind the discovery/invention of fire, wheel, ships or computers to name just a few that triggered the progress of human kind?


Creative individuals should be celebrated and honored by our society; unfortunately, that does not happen too often. They come across myriad of problems in their lives, since not many are comfortable with change. Let us look into the 8 of the many crucial problems faced by a creative mind.

8. Pressure to change

Creative people are neither recognized nor respected by people around them, especially in their childhood. Parents and teachers love to hear children say that they want to become doctors, engineers or any other professionals rather than hear their creative ideas.  Many creative people give in to pressure and give up their passion to have peace and harmony in their lives.

Pressure to change

7. Criticism

Creative people face negative criticism regarding their work from every corner. Most people view creative ideas and work as inappropriate until they can learn to understand it better. They respond by showering the creative person with negative criticism, which at times can have negative results of curtailing the creative talent.


6. Behaviors that strike others as odd

History tells us that highly creative people usually have some personal behaviors which may strike to general masses as weird or odd. A good example is that of Charles Dickens who used to fend off imaginary urchins on the street with his umbrella during his walks. No one can explain why the genius Einstein would pick up cigarette butts of the street to fill tobacco in his pipe. MJ had obsession with his nose job. The eccentric behavior is linked to excessive use of right brain by creative people. Whatever the reason, creative minds come out as square pegs which do not fit into the round holes of our society.


Behaviors that strike others as odd

5. Depression

Charles Darwin went through depression like many other creative writers, musicians, inventors, dancers, scientists, architects, singers and other creative types.  Ignorance is bliss. When you tend to be creative and ask questions your ignorance is wiped away and so is the bliss. The questions of creative mind does not end with answers, it only leads to hundreds of more questions. Creative people tend to think and ponder over things rather than flowing with the tide. Moreover they end up thinking about their very thoughts as well. The revelation of truth about our world in the end can naturally come out as a downer which at times leads to depression in creative people.


4. Breaking the rules

You cannot be creative if you follow rules and accept certainties predicted by majority. To be creative one has to tear away from the confinement made of illogical rules set by the society and dare to do things differently.  The followers of rule will throw in every hurdle in the way of creative people, because they hate being anywhere outside their comfort zone. They do not want anyone else to be in that zone either. There is going to be a lot of opposition to the ideas or work of a creative mind, at least, until he/she becomes successful.

Breaking the rules

3. Having not what others want

Einstein once said, ”Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking it is stupid.” The challenge of being a fish and being asked to climb a tree is one of the common problems faced by creative people day in and day out. Beginning from the school where they are required to give specific answers for specific questions, the demand is to write detailed plans of action which is not easy for creative mind which thinks on spontaneous inspirations. Our society demands and prefers conventional and conformist intelligences over creative minds. Most of the creative people (the great example being Edison) will be considered stupid, lazy or dim wits by rational people.

Having not what others want

2. No Assurance of Success

Good grades on your report card means you are going to have a successful career which makes you feel secure. Creative people have to deal with insecurities regarding, especially their financial resources when they pursue their creativity. Many tend to give up after being lured by the prospect of being secure and falling into the rat race of career seeking: forgetting all their creative ideas eventually. Only few pursue their dreams and create jobs for thousands. To be successful as a creative person, one has to overcome the fear of failure, fear of being wrong, fear of making mistakes or fear of being criticized. As creative people walk on the untraded path, they have to be prepared to end in wrong place a few times before finding their destination. The anticipation of failure and lack of assurance of being successful is an enormous problem faced by creative people.

No Assurance of Success

1. Stepping out of comfort zone

The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears”, said Dan Stevens. That almost sums the biggest challenge faced by a creative mind and also gives a perfect solution to it. Creativity demands you taking risk to pursue your passion, without the assurance of success, which means you step out of your comfort zone into dangerous waters. Creative people should be daring enough to dare! Though many would have enough creativity in their mind, they will lack courage in their heart to step out of the secure comfort zone all alone, since not many will support their creative ventures. Often, creative people give in to homeostasis, and do things as it has been always done.


Stepping out of comfort zone


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