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8 Creative Things A Jobless Person Should Try Out

Updated on 16 October, 2014 at 1:20 pm By

It is not starving but idleness that should worry a person who is out of job. If you sit idle and spend your time doing nothing when you are looking for a job, the chances are that you will have tough time adjusting to the work when you find it. The world has lot of opportunities for those who dare to unleash their creativity. Many people have been blessed with unemployment; I say blessed because it is due to their jobless situation they found their passion and became successful.


Instead of sitting idle when you are job searching, you can try creative short-term ways of making some bucks to supplement your income. There are chances that your idea could be so successful that you may not take up the job you were looking for when it comes your way. What are the creative things a jobless person should try out? Check out the 8 options below to find out.

8. Feed the world

Of all the things that sell, food tops the list. Men would disagree and tell you clothes and shoes top the lists of their girlfriends or wives, but that is just an exaggeration. Everyone loves to eat something that is not cooked at home and healthy. So, you can always tap that market and check out your culinary skills in the process. Come up with something very creative that will catch the fancy of people around you; and who knows, you may be feeding the world in future.

Feed the world

7. Make yourself visible online

Create a blog, post videos on YouTube, or go ahead with any creative ideas that will give you visibility online. Your presence online has a lot of potential in creating an income for you when the time is right. Also, it gives you an edge to show your clout over the internet, since online presence has become an asset nowadays. So, get switch on your computer and make your presence felt.

Make yourself visible online

6. Teach what you know

I don’t mean you have to become a teacher professionally if you are unemployed. In fact, I strongly feel teaching should be taken up only by people who are passionate about the profession and not because they have nothing else to do. But, you can teach your skills or what you know to people who need some extra help. If you are good at computers, you can teach computers to people who have tough time learning it, or you can give private tuitions in the subject you are good at. There is always demand for people who can lend a hand in teaching. The greatest advantage for you is that you will never forget what you have learnt by teaching and also you will keep updating your knowledge.


Teach what you know

5. Innovative, original and unique products

There is great demand for handcrafted and uniquely designed products by consumers. Companies do not have time to create such products, so you can tap this market. You can help the environment as well, if you start creating products out of recycled materials. You can also buy second hand things online or in market to add your personal touch to it. In no time, everyone around you will want you to design something unique for them. Only you need to be creative in coming up with ideas for creating the products.

Innovative, original and unique products

4. Freelance jobs

Something is better than nothing. Though freelance work does not come with security or incentives of a regular job, it can bring you some income to keep things moving. If you don’t need the money, it will give you work experience and keep you moving and improving on the skills you have. Employers are more willing to hire freelancers as they don’t have many commitments towards such employees.

Freelance jobs

3. Affiliate Marketing

There is huge scope for affiliate marketing now, due to increasing online business. Most of the websites offer the affiliate marketing jobs for free; hence you don’t have to risk or invest anything when you try your hand at this. Do your research and find a company that offers recurring commissions that compound each month as you refer more customers. Even when you land up with a job, your income from the affiliate program keeps flowing.

Affiliate Marketing

2. Event/party planner

Everyone can enjoy a party, but not many can throw a good one. Due to lack of creative ideas or time, often people look for an event/party planner to make their celebration a success. If you have good organizational and social skills then you can go ahead and offer your services to help them organize their birthdays, weddings, parties, or even funerals. You need to impress with your projects so that more and more people will seek your services.

Event/party planner

1. Personalized Gifts

A customized and personalized gift means a lot to both the person giving it and the one receiving it. In the hectic humdrum of life, no one has much time to customize gifts anymore. You can take it upon yourself to personalize and customize the gifts for people so that they can make their loved ones feel special. Unleash your creativity in bringing out such unique gifts that you will be in demand around the year.


Personalized Gifts

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