8 Celebrities Who Became Pregnant Before Turning 20

6:00 pm 28 Jan, 2014


Women or Men, we all crave for gossips, don’t we?  And, if it’s something about the hi-fi celebrities, the matter just gets spicier! Among numerous gossips that surround the celebrities, one of the most “celebrated” ones are the “who slept with whom” thing. Well, don’t worry, we’re not going to gossip about such ol’ and boring stuff—instead, why not discuss about those few celebrities who became pregnant in their teens. Yeah—follow the listicle to get the grab—

8. Loretta Lynn

Loretta, widely renowned as the “first lady of country music”, didn’t give birth to one or two kids in her teens, but to four children!

However, salute to this lady, who didn’t get deterred from her path and achieved success while spending a blissful filial life.


In fact, it was after a couple of years after giving birth to her fourth child that she got her first guitar and started training to become a vocalist. She’s indeed a true inspiration!

8 Celebrities Who Became Pregnant Before Turning 20

7. Aretha Franklin

Renowned American singer and musician, Aretha is regarded as one of the best selling female artists of all times.

With a total of 18 Grammy Awards, Aretha has been inducted not only in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but also in the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

However, her personal life wasn’t as golden as her professional front—a mother of four sons, Aretha gave birth to two sons, Clarence and Edward before her 13th and 15th birth anniversaries respectively!

Instead of aborting the children, she had them, though she never revealed the name(s) of their papa(s).

8 Celebrities Who Became Pregnant Before Turning 20

6. Suzanne Somers

A renowned TV actress, author, businesswoman and singer, Suzanne Somers has become a household name thanks to her television roles as Carol Lambert in “Step by Step” and as Chrissy Snow in “Three’s Company”.

Loved for numerous reasons and critiqued for quite a few reasons, Suzanne has never ceased to be in the current news. However, little known is the fact that this American star gave birth to her son, Bruce at a tender age of 19! Like Franklin, she too was a single mom back then, till she met Alan Hamel, her current husband.

8 Celebrities Who Became Pregnant Before Turning 20

5. Maya Angelou

An American author and poet, Maya Angelou’s path to success was traversed by many obstacles—she had been a pimp, a prostitute, a night club dancer before beginning to taste the sweetness of life.

After being molested at the age of eight and becoming mute thereafter, she received a new vitality in her life when she gave birth to a son at the age of 16, Guy.

We get a glimpse of her personal life from her large volumes of autobiographies—a genre which she excels at.

8 Celebrities Who Became Pregnant Before Turning 20

4. Solange Knowles

Solange is an American singer, lyricist and song writer who released her first solo album, titled “Solo Star”, at the tender age of “sweet” sixteen.

However, she’s better known in the world of showbiz as the younger singer of the singer extraordinaire, Beyonce.

Within a year of releasing her debut album, Solange got married to Daniel Smith and, within 9 months, gave birth to their “best unplanned blessing” (a boy), Daniel Julez J. Smith jr. Phew! That’s some name, indeed!

8 Celebrities Who Became Pregnant Before Turning 20

3. Sofia Vergara

Who doesn’t know this gorgeous Columbian model, actress and TV personality who starred in the much hyped TV series Modern Family as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett?

However, did you know the fact that this much hyped and talked about star, who has numerous awards and accolades in her kitty, got married to her childhood sweetheart at 18, after a year of which they had their son a year later?

This lovey-dovey couple very soon. She’s now engaged to Nick Loeb.

8 Celebrities Who Became Pregnant Before Turning 20

2. Niki Taylor

The famous model, activist and spokesperson, Niki Taylor, is a much talked about person among people who belong to the fashion industry.

However, little known is the fact that this renowned model gave birth to twin boys when she was 19 years old, after getting married to her arena football linebacker boyfriend.

The couple, like many others in the list, got divorced soon after—when she was all of 21!

8 Celebrities Who Became Pregnant Before Turning 20

1. Oprah Winfrey

Think talk shows, think Oprah!

Whether you’re into Hollywood films and TV series’ or not, you cannot just be dumb about her.

She’s also regarded as one of the most influential and powerful women in the world who’s also America’s greatest philanthropists.

However, all these accolades didn’t come in a single day to this “single mom”, as she was widely recognized as. After dealing with a horrific childhood, Oprah gave birth to a baby boy at the tender age of 14, but sadly, the boy was only a member for a few days—he passed away shortly thereafter.


8 Celebrities Who Became Pregnant Before Turning 20