8 Cartoon Shows Which Will Make You Puke

Updated on 15 Sep, 2014 at 12:39 pm


The 90’s was the best time, in the history of cartoon shows that premiered on television. The variety was mind-boggling and it made watching television addictive, fun and education. Shows like Johnny Quest, Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, Tom and Jerry (the classic) and Scooby Doo are still rated as some of the best shows of all time. However, on the other side of coin, there were some shows which we’ve discovered downright disgusting. Check this list and ask yourself weren’t they?

8. CatDog

CatDog was a classic Nickelodeon produced cartoon which focused around a cat and dog fused together in one body. Many aspects of this show were strange, starting from the basic focus to the things that happened in the show itself. For example, there was this one episode in which the dog ate something and the cat spat it out, which just simply seems a WTF material.


7. South Park


Undoubtedly one of the most controversial shows of all time, South Park is disgusting in ways you can’t imagine. Right from the animation, it masters the art of creating chaos and confusion in the minds of several thousands. There’s the extremely vulgar vocabulary, the use of abusive substances, nudity, undisciplined and out of line children and parents and just a worldwide mockery of the most famous (and useless) celebrities. Contrary to its description, it still remains a very popular show and is watched by a dedicated fan base of millions.

South Park

6. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

A group of Disgustoids land on Earth and want to be treated just like us…and there’ll be rainbows at the end of the rainbow. Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is a senseless show about 5 disgusting things who live on Earth. Their leader is a giant purple muscular thing which wears it’s underwear on the outside. There’s even a guy who’s entire body is a random assortment of asses. The other characters even fail to get a description from me, because they’re just plain ugly. I don’t know what directors expect from shows like these, but no wonder the ratings of channels that air them are going down.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

5. Ed, Edd and Eddy

Speaking of senselessness, look what just popped up. A band of three Ed’s: Ed, Edd and Eddy revolves around three friends who’re always getting themselves in trouble. The only thing I actually found funny in the show was how they managed to fit those oversized jawbreakers in their mouths. Everything else on the show is just plain disgusting. It’s almost impossible to decipher which gender some of the characters are, and they constantly keep hurting each other. This one gets a big thumbs down.

Ed, Edd and Eddy

4. The Problem Solverz

Another monstrosity on Cartoon Network, The Problem Solvers was a cartoon which just made no sense, like most of the others on this list. It was designed on flash, has some of the worst animation ever seen and doesn’t even manage to make you smirk, let alone laugh. The quality of cartoons have gone down so much that Problem Solverz has its own hate thread. It’s no wonder the current generation is so bored.

The Problem Solverz

3. The Annoying Orange

I think Cartoon Network’s going to fade out if they don’t do something about the quality of shows they’re airing on primetime television. The Annoying Orange features a large orange with eyes and teeth which tells really horrible jokes and laughs to itself about it. It was originally a popular show on the internet but it then became a cartoon, and just sucked! In almost every episode, some food in the kitchen gets pissed off and eventually dies. It sounds really lame, but it’s much lamer to watch, trust me.

The Annoying Orange

2. Adventure Time

Adventure is definitely not meant for kids. It propagates a lack of trust between the characters and humans and focuses on destruction and evil as the best way to have fun. The cartoons are all anti-social. Even the way they’re designed (a flurry of bright colours) could actually push kids into a state of epilepsy. It’s creator expressed that, “As a child, I was fat and lazy. I was never adventurous but I wanted to create a show that displays the exact opposite”. The only thing he’s managed to display is a lack of morals, which will affect every child who watches it. But apparently it’s the new “countercool” cartoon which is appropriate mostly for coming of age teens and adults. I feel it shouldn’t be shown to anyone.

Adventure Time

1. Shin Chan

Shin Chan is the worst, most disgusting show I’ve ever seen on Television, ever! My roommates forced me to watch one episode but I just couldn’t. It was so bad. The animation was on the lines of ‘commit suicide’; completely lazy and the lip sync is totally off. The characters do the weirdest things and Shin Chan himself is a perverted kid who tries catch a peek of any girl who’s undressing/bathing/ changing her clothes. It has no plot, it has no appeal….it’s just the worst thing on television now and I can’t help but feel bad for all the children who watch this.


Shin Chan