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8 Blockbuster Bollywood Movies Written By Javed Akhtar

Published on 13 February, 2014 at 6:59 pm By

Honored by prestigious awards like Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan, Javed Akhtar tops the list of triumphant scriptwriters of Bollywood industry. He was born and bought up in a Muslim family and nourished with the sweetness of Urdu from his parents, Safina Akhtar (writer and singer) and Jan Nisar Aktar.


As a scriptwriter he began his career with Salim Khan and eventually the duo became the most successful scriptwriters of Bollywood. Their best work includes movies like Seeta aur Geeta, Zanjeer, Deewar, Sholay, Yadoon Ki Baraat and Don.

After tracking an unbeaten record of hits at the silver screen, the duo brought an end to the pair in the year 1982. Admiring the beauty of Urdu poetry, Javed Akhtar began focusing on lyrics writing, but couldn’t keep away from the passion of scriptwriting.

Let’s have a look at some of the most remarkable blockbuster stories written by the magical poet Javed Akhtar.

8. Betaab (1983)

Presenting his piecemeal writing skills, Javed Akhtar established a beautiful love platform for the debutants Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh. The story of Betaab revolves around two youngsters who fall in love with each other despite the fact their families belong to two different backgrounds. The movie was a blockbuster hit and was nominated for five Filmfare awards that year.


7. Duniya (1984)

Directed by Ramesh Talwar, the movie had Rishi Kapoor and Dilip Kumar in the lead roles. The story of Duniya dwells around the conspiracy set by the thugs Jugal Kishore, Bhandari and Balwant, who work under Mohan Kumar (Dilip Kumar), friend of Dinesh, owner of a shipping company. Mohan gets ensnared by the thugs and is sentenced to life imprisonment, while his wife and mother of Ravi (Rishi Kapoor) gets killed in an accident pre-planned by the thugs. After serving his life imprisonment, Mohan isn’t aware about his son Ravi who is hired by the thugs to kill his own father Mohan. The last half of the story comes with thrilling answers and suspense about revenge and broken relationships.


Duniya Movie

6. Mashaal (1984)

After his success with Betaab and Duniya, Yash Chopra engaged Javed to work on his new project Mashaal. The movie was directed by Yash Chopra and casted Dilip Kumar and Anil Kapoor in the lead roles. According to the story, Dilip Kumar gets sacked from a newspaper company due to his factual articles against S.K. Vardhan. Dilip moves out to Mumbai and struggles with his own publications from the slums. In the course of time, he meets Anil and inspires him to study further. However, when Anil comes back after his studies, he gets stunned to notice that Dilip Kumar has turned into a wanted criminal.


5. Saagar (1985)

Directed by Ramesh Sippy, the movie plots around a love triangle where Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia and Kamal Hassan are in the lead roles. Dimple (Mona) runs a small cafe in Goa and is secretly admired by his friend Kamal Hassan (Raja). However, Mona falls in love with Ravi (Rishi Kapoor) who had just returned from US and is a rich industrialist. Ravi’s grandmom is against his marriage with Mona and causes conflicts between the three friends. The movie was blockbuster hit and grabbed four Flimfare awards along with best actor and actress.


4. Arjun (1985)

Directed by Rahul Rawail, the movie had Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia in the lead roles. The story revolves around Arjun (Sunny Deol) who is in a search of job. His father is too old to work but is engaged with an obnoxious employer to run the house.  The plot changes when Arjun’s friend Mohan is murdered and he kills the assassin in the market. After his arrest for the murder, Arjun is abandoned from his home but is welcomed by a politician. However, the politician employs Arjun for his personal deeds and junks him off after his political win.


3. Meri Jung (1985)

Scripting the third successive hit of the year, Javed Akhtar proposed the story about the two top lawyers battling it out for justice. Meri Jung was directed by Subhash Ghai and had Anil Kapoor, Meenakshi and Amrish Puri in lead roles. According to the story Anil Kapoor takes revenge of his father’s execution after stepping as the prosecutor against Thakral, the same lawyer who provide evidences against Anil’s father and proves him guilty. As a result of his father’s capital punishment, the family has to suffer severe poverty and problems which connives revenge in his mind.


2. Main Azaad Hoon (1989)

The movie is directed by Tinnu Anand and has Amitabh Bachchan with Shabana Azmi in the leading cast. The story plots around the bold female journalist Sahbana Azmi, who tries to save her job with a fiction ad about Azaad, the person fighting against the corruption. With the vocalizing popularity, the author hires jobless Amitabh to pose as Azaad.  After accepting her offer, Azaad realizes his importance as national hero and decides to turn the fictional hero into a reality.


1. Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (1993)

Directed by Satish Kaushik, the movie had Anil Kapoor, Sri Devi, Jackie Shroff, Anupam Kher in the lead roles. In an escape from the Custom Department, Anupam Kher  (Jagmohan Jugral) kills his twin brother and Doctor Ashok Saini. Unfortunately, the doctor has two children Seema (Sridevi) and Ramesh (Anil), who get separated after their father’s death.  Ramesh turns into a master thief and Seema as dancer. They together plot revenge against Jagmohan who is now a very respectable citizen of the society.




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