8 Best Night Clubs In Kolkata To Hangout With Friends

5:00 pm 19 Mar, 2014


The city of Kolkata is as lovely at night as it is during the day. Night life in Kolkata dates back many years when there would be performances by solo or group singers at night at the various clubs along Park Street. The culture of dancing all night long had not come up then. It was later at the end of the 20th century that people started enjoying a quick dance at the night club apart from listening to some great music with friends. Hanging out with friends became more fun when one started dancing and at the same time relaxing and rejuvenating too. Here is a list of the eight best night clubs in Kolkata where you can hangout with friends:

8. Underground – Hotel Hindusthan International

Underground is a part of The Hotel Hindusthan International (HHI). It is not a very old night club in Kolkata. Situated on A.J.C. Bose Road, Underground offers you Japanese, Korean and North Indian cuisines. The bar here is very well stacked. The ambience is very good and you will feel the warmth of dim lights and warm music as you enter the premises. The cost for two people is 3000.

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Underground – Hotel Hindusthan International

7. Shisha

Shisha is rated among the best nightclubs in Kolkata. It is located in the Camac Street Area. Asian and Finger Foods are available here. The bar is also well maintained. Costs are really cheap and with alcohol the cost for two people would come to Rs. 2500 only. The ambience is said to be very good. People also love the music here.

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6. Someplace Else

Someplace Else is a part of the Park Hotels and located in Park Street. It is styled like a British pub and is the only pub in India and Asia to host live music every single day of the year. There are various music sessions held at Someplace Else and live music shows and programs are a part of the music scene. Drinks, lunch and dinner are offered at the pub which is also regarded as a heritage site in Kolkata.

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Someplace Else

5. Tantra

Tantra is a part of The Park Hotels in Kolkata and one of the best night clubs here. Saturdays and Wednesdays are considered to be the best days for themed parties. The cost for two with alcohol is Rs.3500. The ambience is considered very congenial and the dance floor is excellent. Tantra, along with Someplace Else, was the best night club in Kolkata for a long time till very recently when many popped up.

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4. Privy Ultra Lounge

Privy is located in Forum Mall at Elgin Road. It is one of the best bars in Kolkata. Chinese, North Indian and Continental cuisines are offered here along with a well equipped bar. The dance floor is very happening and you will love the ambience.

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Privy Ultra Lounge

3. Aqua Poolside Lounge

Also a part of The Park at Park Street, Aqua Poolside Lounge is one of the most happening places in Kolkata. Rs.3500 is the approximate cost for dinner for two people. The bar is also well equipped but not too expensive. You will enjoy the lovely music, which makes the ambience warm and a perfect place to be with friends.

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Aqua Poolside Lounge

2. Roxy

Roxy is one of the best places to be with friends as it is one of the best night clubs in Kolkata. The dance floor is a hit among party people. Roxy is also part of The Park and cost for two is just Rs.3000. The bar is also a favorite among the locals. The food and ambience is also very good here. A perfect place indeed to be with your friends for a night.

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1. Nirvana-Park Plaza

Nirvana is located at Ballygunge in The Park Plaza. Nirvana is a good place for you to hang out with your friends. The cost of two people is approximately Rs. 4500. You will love the ambience here and the music too adds to the charm of this place.

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Nirvana-Park Plaza

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