8 Best Leadership Movies That Can Change Your Life

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:51 pm


It is a common saying that there’s one Hollywood film for everyone and for every mood! Well, in this list we are going to draw your attention towards the best leadership movies that are more renowned for their innate inspirational qualities than anything else. These films inspire you to have faith in yourself and do the undoable. Let’s have a look through them—

8. Invictus

With Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon in the lead roles, the film traces the journey of Nelson Mandela in this pre-Prime Minister days, after his freedom from the jail. While telling the story of Mandela’s preference for a rugby tournament to unite the two halves of the country, the film exhibits some of the best instances of leadership, and in numerous ways. This is a must watch film, if you haven’t yet.


7. Coach Carter


That leadership isn’t only to inspire others to do better but also to instill into others good morals and the aspiration to do better in “life” is exemplified brilliantly in this film. The film portrays how a coach turns the an unsuccessful basket ball team into a regional winner, and then, seeing the adverse conditions the team members are facing, makes them go back to their college to complete studies! Although a failure at the box office, it’s worth a watch.

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6. Apollo 13

One of the best films on leadership qualities and inspiration, Apollo 13 is a sci-fi film which portrays how, under adverse conditions, Gene Kranz’s team has to control  and win all the odds in order to bring back a damaged lunar aircraft Apollo 13 from space, with numerous members on-board. It’s a much watch film for all.


5. Thirteen Days

If you want to see a film which portrays the testing of leadership qualities under intense pressure, then this one is a must watch for you! This film focuses the viewers’ attention on the young and inexperienced President of USA, John F. Kennedy, who along with his trusted advisor Kenney O’Donnell and his brother Bobby, saves the whole world from becoming a site of Armageddon.

Movie Thirteen-Days

4. Alice in Wonderland

This Tim Burton classic is a perfect blend of Lewis Carol’s two novels, namely, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”. The film portrays the zeal and inward strength with which she, with the help of Hatter, raises an army and denounces the evil Red Queen off the throne, and makes way for the grand White Queen to rule over the land. The film’s a perfect blend of strong determination and light hearted sweetness!

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3. Gandhi

One of the best leadership movies ever made, the film portrays the circumstances which led to a foreign-educated advocate, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, become the Father of Nation of India as well as one of the most inspirational leaders ever in the history of the world. The film is a must watch for everyone for it, unlike other films, pictures a whole new notion of leadership. The film had Ben Kinsley in the role of Gandhiji.


2. 12 Angry Men

One of the most important skills of any leader is that of influencing others, and this film is surely an exemplification of that. This film shows how Juror 8, one in the team of 12 jurors, raises doubts regarding a seemingly easy murder case and even opens the case for re-investigation in the court of law. The way he re-investigates it and finds out the faults in the prosecution lawyer under adverse consequences is brilliantly captured in the film, making it one of the best leadership movies, ever.

12-Angry-Men Movie

1. Milk

Life wasn’t as easy for the LGBT communities back in the early decade of 1970s which the film, about a gay leader, tries to portray. With Sean Penn in the lead role, this film focuses the rise of the famous gay activist, Harvey Milk, under great adversaries. The great speeches on leadership and inspiration are to look out for in this film.



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