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8 Best Hindi Film Characters You’d Love Reading In Comics Format

Updated on 16 October, 2014 at 3:24 pm By

The Indian cinema has given us some wonderful movies which have become iconic and so have the characters essayed by eminent actors in these movies. The impact of some of these roles have been such that they have even happened to surpass the success of the movie. Such iconic characters have stayed in our minds in a quintessential manner and our conversations or social media updates happen to involve them, keeping such characters alive and also passing on the baton to the next generation to continue the fever.


A much better way to continue their legacy is to capture their little nuances in a comic book. Let’s have a look at some of such breakthrough characters which we would adore in the comic book format.

8. Don

This character having being donned by the superstars of the yesteryear and the current era will surely be loved by the audience as a comic series. The epic dialogues mixed with the life of an underworld don can be an exciting read. Though the character has shades of grey, I don’t doubt its popularity getting affected anytime because of that.


7. Krish

Considered to be the first Indian superhero launched on silver screen, Krish is adored by kids and even by youngsters. He can create a league for himself similar to a Superman or Spiderman. No wonder, the popularity might even take this character knock on the doors of Hollywood. But before that we wouldn’t mind reading the triumphant encounters of this beloved hero.


6. Crime master Gogo

One of the most loved characters, adored by all generations, is Crime Master Gogo from the movie Andaz Apna Apna. An iconic movie with an irresistible Gogo who calls himself the nephew of Mogambo, would sell million copies if converted into a comic book. His famous dialogues ‘Aaya hu toh kuch le kar jaunga‘ or ‘ Aankhein nikal kaar gotiyan khelta hoon‘ and his being dressed up in the get-up of a superhero is hilarious to the extent of being loved by people of all ages.


Crime master Gogo

5. Chulbul Pandey

A 100 crore movie, superstar Salman Khan, some memorable dialogues, action sequences and all the masala of a Hindi movie converted into a comic series will be a hit among the audience. ‘Swagat nahi karoge humara‘ will fall apt here with people welcoming Chulbul Pandey and enjoying his feats, killing the goons and romancing around with his wife. His smart persona and talking style has already been copied by the audience, so the popularity of the character is unmatched. 

Chulbul Pandey

4. Basanti

The talkative persona of Basanti is unforgettable and so is her fierce nature. Her companion Dhanno, the horse and her romance with Veeru was loved by the then audience and even today’s. A woman centric comic book would be an interesting read and equally interesting would be to see what all unique stories can be knit around her. This village belle landing few slaps on the dacoits will act as a triumphant and motivating comic series for the young kids.


3. Barfi

The lively deaf and dumb Barfi, whose carefree attitude stole the hearts of the audience, will be a unique comic series to be read. The effervescence and innocence transformed into a comic book will be a sure shot hit amongst all. The way the movie touched upon on the many emotions of Barfi, the comic series can also touch the little instances that take place in the life of this struggling man. No wonder it will teach us the lesson to see positivity amongst little hindrances.


2. Mr. India and Mogambo

These two characters are inseparable and I think it would be wise to have them both together, with Mogambo playing the bad man and Mr. India fighting his wrong deeds and teaching him a lesson. Both were such influential roles that the minute you think of them, their image flashes by, Mogambo and his flamboyant style, Mr. India and his ragged get up. This jodi will definitely spread ‘khushi’ and we all can then satisfactorily repharase ‘Mogambo Khush Hua‘ as ‘Audience Khush Huye‘.

Mr. India and Mogambo

1. Munnabhai and Circuit

Like Mogambo and Mr.India, Munnabhai and Circuit are the names that are remembered together. Circuit’s bhaigiri and Munnabhai’s soft personality was adored by millions so much that even the sequel was a huge success. Their light hearted storyline in the form of a comic book would have a message like in the movies and there will be a lot to take back unlike many baseless stories that teach nothing to kids.


Munnabhai and Circuit


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