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8 Best Food Festivals In Mumbai During The Months Of April And May

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 5:07 pm By

When food festivals are on the go, can any one of us be far behind? Well, never. For foodies like us nothing could be better than food festivals and where better than the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. What else do we need when most restaurants are ready to serve their best delicacies to us? All you need to know is about the various festivals which are going on in Mumbai. Here is a list of the food festivals in Mumbai during the months of April and May:

8. Duck Delights


Duck Delights in Parel is one of the best food festivals in Mumbai. It is held at Shanghai Club at the ITC Grand Central. Now this one is strictly for duck lovers – and I’m sure there are many. The history of duck as a part of our cuisine takes us back to the 13th and 14th centuries during the Yuan dynasty. The Chinese take great delight in this and it is known to be a favourite of their kings. Not only this, Master Chef Zia will present you with duck delicacies which you can’t afford to refuse!


7. Kakori Food Festival

This Kakori Food Festival is held at the Nawab Saheb at the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel in Powai. All of you who crush on Mughlai food – this your chance to get up close and personal with the best Mughlai dishes in the style of the royalty presented at Kakori festival. For the ones who are still in doubt, take a cue from these – Kakori kebabs, Maghai Paan Jheenga, Tandoori Prawns, Taluqedar Machli, Hare Masale ka Lobster, Patthar Ke Phool Wali Boti, Moradabadi Paneer Tikka, Amrood Ka Halwa and Aam Ki Kheer to name a few. Run.


6. Songkran Food Festival

Songkran Food Festival is held at San-Qi in Worli. This is a Thai food festival and you have Master Chef Seefah Ketchaiyo from Bangkok serving you up the best dishes from Thailand. The festival is partnered by Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai with the Tourism Authority of Thailand. You also could win a trip to Bangkok if you visit the festival. The authentic and delicious Thai menu includes delicacies like ‘Pla Tuna Yang Gub Puk Yam’ and ‘Eggless Noodle goong Sa Mun Plai’ to name just a few.


5. Oriental Food Festival


The Oriental Food Festival is held at D’Bell in Lower Parel. Craving to taste pan Asian cuisine? Here is your chance to have the best of Chinese, Japanese and South East Asian delicacies. You’ll get the best ambience here with beautiful music along with lip-smacking aroma of the flavours and a chance to bond with friends. Here’s a peek into the menu card: Veg Tom Kha Soup, Chicken Man Chow Soup, Five Spice Baby Potato, Laksa Curry, Chicken Otak Otak, Oyster Fish Canapé, Thai Pesto Chicken and Corn Water Chestnut Tarts.

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4. Seafood Festival

Seafood Festival in Powai is held at the Skky Retro Lounge and Bar in Ramada Powai Hotel and Convention Centre. Gorging on Seafood is our chance to feel ourselves at the beaches while staying and working in our city. The seafood served here is lip smacking and is sure to transport you to the beaches! Treat your taste buds to the wonderful seafood at this festival.


3. Barshobaran: Bengali Food Festival

The Bengali Food Festival is held at Food First in Goregaon West. This is your chance to get a sneak peek into the delectable authentic Bengali cuisine served up here. With mouth watering dishes you are sure to grab your attention and at lesser prices too. Bengali Chef Debashis Roy will serve up tasty, spicy and mouth watering Bengali dishes like Mochar Ghanto, Mooger Dal with Macher Matha, Shorshey Ilish, Daab Chingri, Mutton Posto, Bati Murgi, Mughlai Paratha and Aam Doi to name a few. Indulge as fast as you can reach there.


2. Punjabi Food Festival

The Punjabi Food Festival at Juhu is held in Lotus Café at the JW Marriott Hotel. Master Chef Finalist Jyoti Arora will offer you the best of Punjabi cuisine in this festival. With Ms. Arora at the helm of the kitchen you can’t expect anything to go wrong. Some of the dishes are – Butter Chicken, Amritsari Machhi, Sarson da Saag, Methi Malai Lassi, Badaam Wala Thanda Doodh, Chicken Do Pyaza, Mutton Rogan Josh, Keema Matar, Kadai Chicken, Rahra Meat, Paneer Makhanwala, Daal Pinni and Gajar ka Murabba (these are a few!)


1. Mewar Mela

Mewar Mela is a food festival held at Tuskers, Sofitel Mumbai BKC in Bandra East. Here is your chance to treat yourself to royal Rajasthani cuisine like a maharaja itself. Get the best of authentic Mewari and Rajasthani cuisine at Tuskers. The chef brings a riot of flavours and you can get the feel of being in Rajasthan. But, as you know, Mewar Mela is a vegetarian festival.




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