8 Badass Naval Forces In The World

Updated on 18 Jul, 2014 at 7:07 pm


Navy or the Maritime force is a branch of a country’s armed forces specifically designated for naval warfare. After the terrestrial forces, this is perhaps the oldest form of warfare in the history. Although earlier this mode of warfare was restricted to the technologically superior countries, nowadays, even the third world countries have separate and quite efficient maritime forces. Let’s look at the countries that are in possession of the world’s best Naval forces —

8. The Indian Naval Force

Indian Navy or the Bharatiya Nau Sena was formed in the year 1947, after the country’s independence from British rule. However, before 1947, India did have the Royal Indian Navy but it wasn’t an official branch like the Indian Navy. 8 Badass Naval Forces In The World Since India has a huge coastline, the Indian Navy indeed plays an important role in securing the border areas and maintaining peace and sanctity. Apart from this, it plays an important role in maintaining good terms with the neighboring countries as well by regularly visiting the ports and offering their aids during moments of crisis. The Indian Navy has about 155 warships in total.

7. The Republic of Korea Navy

Although named “Republic of Korea Navy”, it is actually a part of South Korean Military Forces. Founded way back in 1945, the naval part of the Korean Navy is the oldest branch of the Korean Armed Forces. 8 Badass Naval Forces In The World With over 170 custom-built ships, the Korean Navy’s main objectives are to create a sound naval force to fight wars and protecting the National interests by securing diligently the maritime activities.

6. French Navy


One of the oldest and most important naval forces in the world, the official French Navy was formed in 1624 and, needless to say, played a major role in establishing the mammoth French empire. 8 Badass Naval Forces In The World With 98 warships, the French Navy’s main roles are: controlling any impending maritime dangers and to forge good relationship with the neighboring countries, thereby maintaining peace and sanctity.

5. The Royal Navy

The arch rival of the French Navy, the Royal Navy of Britain is yet another very old and historical naval force in the world. Its origin can be traced back to the 16th century when it would be in constant tug-of-war with the neighboring countries and pirates. 8 Badass Naval Forces In The World From its inception to the 20th century is was regarded as the best and most powerful naval force in the world, in spite of being reduced to a meager amount during the First World War. It has now got 97 ships in possession.

4. The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Built in 1952, the main motive of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force is to maintain peace of the land by protecting the Nation’s sea-lanes and the regional water bodies. 8 Badass Naval Forces In The World The maritime force of Japan, a branch of Japan Self Defense Force, constitutes a total of 114 ships and around 45,800 ships.

3. The Chinese Navy

The Chinese Navy, referred to as the People’s Liberation Army Navy, is the second naval squad of China. Although formed in 1950, the People’s Liberation Army Navy now has five separate branches, namely, People’s Liberation Army Submarine Force, People’s Liberation Army Surface Force, People’s Liberation Army Navy Coastal Defense Force, People’s Liberation Army Marine Corps and People’s Liberation Army Naval Air Force. 8 Badass Naval Forces In The World Besides, this giant power has over 515 warships and over 290,000 army personnel.

2. The Russian Navy

Over 140,000 personnel and over 282 modern and efficient ships make the powerful Russian Navy. The Russian Navy is said to be the oldest naval army in the world with its inception period being as early as 6th century! However, it is only after a lot of hassles, dilemma and hard work, in 1992, that the Russian Navy got its official status. But, nevertheless, this has been a boon in disguise since they were able to make and mould all their equipments in the most modern fashion. 8 Badass Naval Forces In The World

1. The United States Navy


The maritime force of the United States of America, the United States Navy is widely regarded and accepted as the most powerful and bravest naval warfare force in the whole wide world. 8 Badass Naval Forces In The World With over 317,054 personnel and around 186 ships, the United States Navy is undoubtedly the most powerful and efficient one in business.