7th Pay Commission Doubles Military Service Pay Of Armed Forces Personnel

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Updated on 1 Jul, 2016 at 6:42 pm


The recommendations of the 7th pay commission has been accepted and, quite obviously, the central government employees are over the moon. But smiles are also there on the faces of the brave armed forces personnel.




Acting on the recommendations, the Union Government has doubled a part of the salary of the defence personnel.

A special compensation called Military Service Pay (MSP) has been doubled to Rs.15,500 per month from Rs.6,000 currently.


For nursing officers it has been doubled to Rs.10,800 from Rs.4,200; for JCO/ORs to Rs.5,200 from Rs.2,000 and for non-combatants to Rs.3,600 from Rs.1,000. It will now be payable to all ranks up to and inclusive of Brigadiers and their equivalents.





Even a sepoy will now get Rs.21,700 a month, which is more than double that of the current pay of Rs.8,460.

Defence personnel can compute their exact pay hike using this calculator.



A lieutenant general will now receive over Rs.2,00,000 per month as salary. It is not yet known whether the slary of the General has surpassed that of the US Army chief as was speculated earlier.

Also, those serving the armed forces under Short Service Commission will be able to leave at any point in time between 7 to 10 years of service.




But not everyone is happy.

According to India.com, former army chief General Roy Chowdhury is not pleased with many aspects of the 7th pay commission with regard to the defence forces.

He reportedly believes that the Committee of Secretaries has not implemented the Uniform Pay Matrix and that Defence Pay Matrix has only 24 pay levels as against the 40 for the bureaucrats. This means that the salary hike of defence forces personnel will get stagnated after some years of service.


The 7th pay commission will benefit 47 lakh government employees and 53 lakh pensioners. Central Government employees will receive a hike of 23.55 per cent while pensioners will get 24 percent increase on their current pension amount.


The hikes will cost the exchequer about Rs.1.02 lakh crore for the present fiscal. The hikes will be implemented retroactively from January 1, 2016.

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