Meet The 75-Year-Old Woman Who Has Not Eaten A Grain Of Rice In The Last 60 Years

7:00 pm 12 Aug, 2017


Have you ever thought of spending a week without even a grain of rice to eat? This sounds nightmarish for most of us but for this lady, it is an everyday story.

Saraswati Devi has been surviving on water and tea for the last six decades Jagran


Meet Saraswati Bai, a 75-year-old woman, who is a resident of Sundrail village of Madhya Pradesh’s Dhamnod district. She is recently much in news, the courtesy of her lifestyle and diet. In what may surprise a lot of readers, it has been found that this old lady has not touched even a grain of rice in the last six decades.

So, what does she eat to stay fit and alive?


Saraswati Devi’s staple diet for the last 60 years has been just water and tea.

But, why does she do this? Is she impelled to survive on a meager liquid diet?

According to Saraswati Devi, she was married to Dwarka Prasad Patikar at a very tender age. Life was good until she got infected by Typhoid right after her first son was born. Nausea grasped her entire body and she felt weaker than ever. Although after proper treatment, she got better and fitter, her apathy towards food continued. Her husband did take her for treatments but nothing helped.

Today, even after six decades, she continues to follow the same diet and she says she has been fit ever after. This 75-year-old still works the field, helping her sons with farming. She has five children and they said none of them can recall their mother having anything but water and tea (twice daily). Sometimes, she would have a banana once a week but nothing more.

When asked if she has ever felt hungry, the old lady just smiled.