This 70-Year-Old Woman Was Thrashed By Her Own Son, And Her Story Will Leave You In Tears

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Updated on 13 Apr, 2018 at 12:27 pm

Human Rights Activist Kundan Srivastava recently shared the story of a 70-year-old woman Rajindari Devi, who on November 24 was brutally beaten by her son Nand Kishore (Nandu) with the intention to kill her.

In a video posted by Srivastava, one could see Rajindari, crying out in pain and telling her neighbours how she was pushed from the second floor by her son Nandu, who all this while is trying to pin the incident on their tenants.



She also adds that Nandu regularly beats her and the whole neighbourhood can vouch for the fact.

Rajindari resides in Gali No. 8 of Subhash Park, Shahdara in Delhi and according to Srivastava’s website ‘The Voice Raiser’, she has been thrashed by her son in past as well.


He also regularly snatches away the money that she earns from rent and publicly abuses her.

Looking at her plight, the neighbours approached the local police and lodged a complaint against Nandu.


Unfortunately, according to Kundan’s last update, Nandu forced his mother to take the complaint back, while no action was taken against him by the Delhi Police.


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