7 Ways To Deal With Someone Who Doesn’t Love You

2:56 pm 12 Aug, 2013

Unrequited love can be an emotional hell to go through. It is an experience that a lot of people face in their lifetime. This experience is made worse by the expectations of true love that are created by romantic movies. You start thinking that they are the only person that you could ever love and the future looks bleak at best. Going through this period is tough for everyone but it is important to learn to go through it quickly and smoothly to come out on the other side and continue with your life. The truth is that if a person doesn’t love you back then they are definitely not ‘the one’ for you. To meet ‘the one’ you have to first let go of this failed relationship. Here are 7 ways to deal with someone who doesn’t love you.

7. Accept Rejection:

Once you find out that it is real, the next thing is to accept the rejection. It is one of the hardest things to accept that you have been rejected by someone you love. It’s a great blow to the self esteem and a lot of people go into denial. That’s how people end up becoming stalkers and that’s not a path you want to go down so sit down and take time to really accept what it means to be rejected by someone you love. Acceptance is the first step to getting over someone.

Accept Rejection

6. Flow With The Pain:

In order to get to the other side you need to go through the worst of the pain. It’s called flowing with the pain. If you try to avoid the pain and try to distract yourself with other activities you are just delaying the inevitable. Instead let it come at it’s own pace and flow through it. That’s the only way to get to the other side. Once you let yourself really feel the pain you’ll realize that it gets harder to stay sad after a time. You start healing yourself.

Flow With The Pain

5. Try To Move On:

Once the mourning period is over, try to move on with your life. Don’t stay stuck on the same track. Don’t spend all your time thinking about the past. If you have gone through a good mourning period then it won’t be hard for you. Focus on the other aspects of your life and try to avoid thinking about love completely. Remember to have fun and enjoy your life.

Try To Move On

4. Don’t Try To Force Friendship:

One mistake people make at this point is to try and force friendship with the person who didn’t respond to their love. The thinking is that even if that person doesn’t love you, you still do and would like to take whatever you can get. You’d want to be in their life even if only as a friend. This is a big mistake because you can’t be a real friend to them. It’s not fair to you and to them. You just have to accept that the chances of you two ever becoming real friends are slim at best.

Don't Try To Force Friendship

3. Talk To Someone:

The best way to deal with pain is to share it with someone. Talk to your friends or if needed don’t hesitate to even visit a psychiatrist. It’s a great way to deal with your emotions and feelings. By sharing the pain it gets bearable and you’ll realize that the other person has also gone through the same thing sometime in their life and it makes it a little easier.

Talk To Someone

2. Don’t Rush Into Another Relationship:

A common mistake made by many people is to rush into another relationship. Some do it to take their mind off that person and others do it to make them jealous and take revenge. Neither is a good reason to get into a relationship. You are setting yourself and the new person up for a lot of hurt in the future. Such rebound relationships never work and everyone gets hurt so just avoid this.

Don't Rush Into Another Relationship

1. Focus On Your Own Life:

The best way to take revenge is to live an awesome life. Take this as an opportunity to focus on yourself. When you are in love with someone, especially someone who doesn’t love you back, they can become the center of your world. You spend all time thinking about them and neglect your own health, career and life. Use this as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself. You are single so enjoy this period and get your life on track. Being happy is the best way to say to that person that you are over them and besides happy people attract future partners more easily.

Focus On Your Own Life

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