7 Ways To Console A Woman

9:41 am 14 Aug, 2013


Women are more emotional than men and more in touch with their feelings. This means that they can get upset over small things. The hormonal cycles that they have to go through doesn’t make it easier. A lot of men don’t understand this and just think that women get upset often just to seek attention but that’s not true. If a woman in your life is upset then you need to take care of them and console them. This doesn’t come easily to men as they just find it hard to understand what the woman is going through. Here are a few tips that will help you in consoling a woman who is upset.

7. Ask What’s Wrong:

The first step to consoling a woman is to sit with her and ask what’s wrong. If you don’t ask you’ll never know. Be patient and don’t force an answer from her. Just let her know that you are genuinely interested in knowing what’s been bothering her. It is important to express your genuine concern and don’t make it like you are irritated with her being upset for a long time. It’s not just about asking the question but how you ask it that’s important.

Ask What's Wrong

6. Listen Patiently:

When she starts talking, listen patiently. To make sure you listen to everything she has to say, it’s best to set out some free time before you go to ask her what’s wrong. Don’t expect a one line answer. Usually just telling you what’s wrong will help make her feel much better so just be patient and let them talk. Don’t interrupt with any advice or solutions just now. And whatever you do, don’t tell them to hurry up and finish the story.

Listen Patiently

5. Do Not Force An Answer:

In some cases the woman might not want to tell you what’s wrong. Don’t take this personally. Don’t try to force an answer. Sometimes they just need to be left alone. You have to try and understand if this is the case and then give them their space. Maybe all they need is a little time to think things over. Don’t bother them again and again if they make it clear once that they don’t want to talk.

Do Not Force An Answer

4. Do Not Share Your Own Problems:

If they are talking with you and you’ve listened all of what’s wrong then it’s time to advise and suggest solutions to their problems. But make sure that you don’t start talking about your own problems. You might think that hearing about your problems will help them feel better but that’s not the case. They can’t solve their own problem and have no need to listen about your problems even if they are similar to their own problems.

Do Not Share Your Own Problems

3. Advise And Reassure:

Once you’ve heard their problems it’s time to talk about what you think are the solutions. Even if you don’t have a solution you can advice them about what actions they can take. Even if you think their problem is silly don’t mention that and try to offer a genuine advice. If there is nothing that comes to your mind just reassure them that everything will be ok. Sometimes a woman doesn’t really want a solution but just some reassurance that things will eventually work out.

Advise And Reassure

2. Do Not Force Your Solutions:

Don’t try to force your solutions on them. Women and men think differently and what might seem like a simple solution to you won’t even be considered by a woman. Even if there is an easy solution to their problem it doesn’t mean you have to shove it down their throat. Don’t feel bad if they don’t accept your solutions. You are not there to solve their problems but rather just console them.

Do Not Force Your Solutions

1. Give Them A Hug:


Whether you follow all of the above steps or not, always remember to give them a hug. A hug is a magical thing that can work wonders in making someone feel better. When you hug them also tell them that you love them and care for them and will always be around whenever they need you. This more than anything else will help them feel better no matter what the problem is.

Give Them A Hug

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