7 Ways To Live A Bachelor’s Life When You Don’t Know How To Cook

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:23 pm


Who doesn’t cherish those bachelorhood days? The freedom to do unexpected things, live independently, manage the meager expenses, party all night, travel the world etc. is every singleton’s experience. Some out of them may become experts in cooking and some might find ways to fill their empty stomachs. If you are one of those bachelors’s who is still fighting with cooking, the following ways will help you earn a nibble.

7. Be my guest

Have a relative or a friend’s family staying nearby? Paying a visit to them would promisingly lead to a dinner which can be a respite to your hunger. You would probably have to face a bout of questions that you might be embarrassed to answer, but anything for a sumptuous dinner, right!


6. Bro, I did you a favor!

Help your friend or colleague at his time of need, and you can in return claim for your deeds. Your friend would be bound to offer you your much deserved a-la-carte.  Enjoy your free treat, but be a little generous on your friend’s pocket, as you also might at some day end up in the receiving end. Thus, play safe!


5. You got a new pen, treat!

We very often try this trick on our fellow mates. Whatever the reason be, a treat is a prerequisite. But don’t try it on the same person, as he might not fall for it every time. So be smart, find new victims who can easily be duped, if required make someone your partner in crime.


4. Maggie in 2 min

If you have no option left, pick up Maggie and quickly follow the instructions to make your meal. This is no promotion of Maggie, but a feasible option and easily available item that can fill your empty tummy.



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3. Band Baja Baraati

This is the most tried and tested formula, even picked up in the movie 3 Idiots. Become the disguised wedding crasher and feed your stomach with the delicious variety of items there. But while gobbling down the food, don’t forget to keep an eye on anyone observing you.


2. Dabbewala Khana

If you are too tired to try any of the options above, then a readymade dabba will solve your troubles. Not only will you be full in minutes but the homemade food will give your digestive system a rest.


1. Maa Ka Khana

Give your mom a call and the next day you will be sent oodles of love in form of your favorite dishes. Nothing can beat a mother’s love in the food she prepares for her children. I bet you would not deny. She will find all means to fill your tummy with her love.