7 Ways To Keep Yourself Blissfully Busy When Waiting For A Train At The Howrah Station

5:00 am 31 Mar, 2014


What do you do when you arrive at the station a couple of hours before time except getting bored? Well, the matter gets worse when you get to know that the train you’re supposed to board is late by a couple of hours more—Gosh! It’s a situation we’d better not dare to think of! Yea, we know, in this superfast technical world, you’ve got innumerable ways to enjoy yourself amidst crowds—but, we’d ask you to sideline yourselves from the clichéd ways of enjoying, and do something new while you’re waiting for a train at the famous Howrah Station. Read on to know more about it—

7. Roam Around!

The Howrah Station is the oldest and the largest railway station in India, and exemplifies a great architectural wonders in the Indo-European style. So, if you’re too early for the train, just stack in your bags at the cloak room, and begin roaming around the premises—you’ll love it. And, if you want to compare old with new, you can visit the new premises too—a sheer delight!


6. What’s Better than Observing the Crowd


Since it offers the biggest gateway in the East and is the hub of all local trains around Bengal too, you’ll spot people of myriad colors too! While some would be the no-nonsense type who comes and straightway sits down reading the newspaper, some would be the chaotic sort who would inevitably seat themselves on the floor—or lie down—even if there are hoards of empty seats around, while there would definitely be the tensed ones who would always jump up whenever any announcement is made! And, of course, the complaining sort, or the bhhukkhars are always there!


5. Visit the Rail Museum

Visiting Howrah Station is considered incomplete without a visit to the accompanying Rail Museum. Like all the rail museums around the country, you’ll find antic machines and engines used by the Indian Railways too, but the catch of this place is the segment where the inception and the growth of the Indian Railways over the years are traced through the magical lens of the famous photographers around! An exemplification of sheer brilliance it is!


4. Eat Vada Pao!

Mumbai might be the place of Vada Pao, but trust us, at 6 bucks, the old premises of the Howrah Station makes brilliant Vada Paos too! At the extreme left hand side of the station, beside the “Food Plaza”, you’ll get this delectable and pocket-friendly dish!


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3. Railway Canteen on the First Floor!

On the first floor of the Howrah Station, you’ve got the Railway dine-in canteen a la English style. From the décor to the waiters (clad in all-white with turbans), everything displays a glimpse of colonial Bengal. And, if you still want anything more—just stand at their verandah view the huge Ganges floating against the Calcuttan background and beneath the magnanimous Howrah Bridge —pure bliss it is!


2. Sit at the Banks of Hooghly!

Ah, you don’t like crowds, right? Well, we’ve got a solution for this too! Just get out of the station, cross the lane, and you’d find the river floating by! Sit at the bank of Hooghly, or, if you’ve got 45 minutes to spare, get onto the launch and roam a bit—and if you’ve got more than that, make a round-trip to Bagbazar (old Calcutta): you’d love it! And, if it’s a winter morning or a summer evening, then there can be nothing better than it!


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1. If you Love Veggies at a Bargain—Here’s the Howrah Haat for You!

If you love to buy vegetables at a great bargain, then go out of the station and take a left turn—ho ho ho, you’ve just reached the Howrah Wholesale Market—locally known as the Howrah Haat! From limes to potatoes to other leafy, fresh vegetables, you get everything at great bargains here! By the way, if you hate shopping, and you’ve your mother accompanying you, steer clear of this place—you may be bored to death (if you know what we mean)!



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