7 Ways To Deal With Mental Chatter

10:00 pm 19 Apr, 2014


Mental Chatter is something all of us have to deal with. Like we brush our teeth and take a shower everyday to cleanse out our bodies, we also need a similar process to cleanse out the negativity of our minds. Mental chatter is nothing but doubts, fears, insecurity and negativity that we develop slowly as we grow and face the world. Too much of it will eventually lead us to a state of mental depression, which might be difficult to cure. All of us have to live with the positives and negatives of our life – and so we must find a way out which will help us lead a balanced and peaceful life. Here are a few ways which really help a lot:

7. Concentrate On Every Single Job – Polishing Your Shoes Or Doing The Dishes

You might wonder why you must keep your mind busy with such insignificant things when you have much to deal with. It is believed that if you concentrate on each and every work that you do since waking up you develop a state of mind where you stop bad or negative thoughts to enter. This way less and less of mental chatter will be left to deal with. Begin with this and see how eventually you feel better. This is the first step only and if it works then bingo!

doing every single job

6. Meditation Is The Key To Freedom


Your parents must at least once have spoken of meditation and how important it is to increase our level of concentration. They are absolutely right – but the benefit part is actually incomplete. It is said that you need to find out the exact time when thoughts arise in your mind and their departure. That way you get to know the time when your mind is absolutely free of thoughts. This is the in-between time which you need to cultivate. Through this procedure you can control the thought process of your mind which will help you in eradicating much unwanted thoughts.

do meditation and make yourself free

5. Take A Pen And Paper – Write Down All The Negative Thoughts That Come Into Your Mind Everyday

This is a very important part of keeping your mind clean. Heard of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Yes, all of us have both of them inside us – the good person and the bad person. But, that’s not a big problem. You can easily destroy that bad person by following this step carefully. There had been a survey once among school children and it was found that within an hour more that 70% of the children had negative thoughts. Most common are doubt, fear, insecurity, failure in having a partner, not getting high marks and wanting to dominate. All this is due to our society’s imposition of being the happiest if you have a great job, a partner and can rule over everyone. That otherwise is possible is not considered. Write down all bad things that you think honestly and make it an everyday practice and notice the difference in a few days.

remove your negative feelings

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4. Accept The Fact That The World Is Not Made For You, Rather You Are made For The World

We all are the monarchs of our own selves and feel that what we think or say is right. That is a wrong way to go about in this world. It is not expected that everyone will follow your orders and that you will have everything you wanted in this world to be yours. You have to consider that you are a part of the world, which is both black and white. It will sometimes be good to you and sometimes bad – that is the way with everyone. Accepting this simple fact will do wonders, more than you can imagine. Negative thoughts arise primarily because of our expectations and failures. Better not expect to grab everything and accepting that we will fail but eventually succeed with much more grandeur.

acccept the hard reality of world

3. Be Humble, Grateful And Forgiving – It’s Easier Than You Think

Without sounding too preachy, I must say that these are the values which you much harbour within yourself to get rid of that mental chatter inside you. And trust me, it’s not that difficult. You can lead the life which you are leading, but once you start meditating you will understand that you are becoming more and more humble. Humility is the key to success – say many. This follows from the previous point that you will eventually become more and more forgiving and grateful of whatever you have. Remember that money, a great job is not all that you need. You need your parents, your friends and your siblings too. Place the importance on them.

be humble and kind and forgive others

2. Don’t Live To Stay With It

This is just an alarm. What meditation teaches you is to deal with your everyday problems, but it does not make you learn to live with them. That is a wrong notion that people have. Once you have the power in you to eradicate all the negativity inside you, you become a more powerful person who can fight back with more vigour. But this time it’s not going to be hurting other people but simply solving a problem. People will try to hurt you and make you angry but you are a stronger person than them if you do not go according to their wishes. That will itself solve half the problem.

make yourself free by living your life without issues

1. Practice Makes Perfect

This is as old as humanity. If you don’t practice then you’ve lost it. Meditate everyday without fail till it becomes a habit. After that you don’t need to pressurize yourself to wake up early in the morning with a lot of pain (I know, that’s the toughest part!). Do it every day and see the results unfold. A mind without mental chatter is an object of envy for everyone. And the key lies in your hand – you want it or not!


old saying: practice makes a man perfect

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