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7 Unconventional Attitudes That Lead To Success

Published on 13 August, 2013 at 11:08 am By

Universal wisdom says follow the golden rule – work hard and work more. This common acumen or the so-called Golden Rule of success surely works very well but those who succeed in life work a tad differently. Their working style and behaviors go against the typical long bred common sense. They produce results with something anomalous. These uncustomary ways of success provide a platform for others as well to climb the ladder of success. Here are 7 unconventional attitudes that lead to success:

7. Let Go Some Things:

Very rarely does someone achieve everything what he sets out to accomplish initially. No one can rear a tiger and deer in one cage simultaneously. To put it straight, you should let go of some things and concentrate on the ones you can’t actually do without. Remember, you don’t need all things and as you base your thoughts about this universal idea your wants will diminish automatically and you will be a more successful person. Long-term fulfillment or success is not only about worldly pleasures. Remember that!

Let Go Some Things

6. Criticize Yourself:


You should learn to take brickbats with healthy spirit as they can evolve you into a better person. You should analyze your performance during the day before hitting the bed each night. Performance reviews are must and should find a place in your daily routine, if you aspire to mend all your weaknesses. No one is perfect right from the day one. Even Einstein must have come up with hundreds of theories in the beginning that he didn’t approve of in the later stages. Just make sure you aren’t too easy on yourself!

Criticize Yourself

5. Make Your Own Path:

“I walk a lonely road the only road that I have ever known” – you must be remembering this popular score from Boulevard of Broken Dreams. The song clearly showcases the worth of walking alone especially if your objective is really different from others. No two people can analyze the same object similarly. No, they’re not wrong. It’s just that you’ve a different opinion about success, career and life in general. So, listen to what others have to say, disagree with a smile and keep walking on the path you know will lead to the zenith you want to touch so dearly.

Make Your Own Path

4. Make Your Own Identity:

A popular saying goes this way – “People laugh at me because I am different; I laugh at them because all of them are same.”  A distinct identity is what makes your stand out from the regular crowd. Similar ideas kill innovation and innovation is mother of success in contemporary terms. The day you own a discrete be rest assured that you are nearing boundaries of success. People will advertise their ignorance in all ways possible. Remember, 90 percent of people in this world are failures. They hate their lives. Don’t borrow ideas on how you should live, work or dream from others. Do your own thing. Create your own personality, one small brick at a time.

Make Your Own Identity

3. Innovate And Re-Innovate:

Life is all about innovation. You should learn to innovate and re-innovate if you want to live an eventful life. You should try to make impact with every decision of yours. Even if your decision backfires, don’t cow down. Start up all over again.  Remember, innovation provides solution for every crisis. In fact, it’s a crisis that paves way for a new thought or idea. These ideas, when worked upon and nurtured by emotional belief, lead to success.

Innovate And Re-Innovate

2. Offense Is The Best Form Of Defense:

If offense happens to be the best form of defense, always ensure your attitude is aggressive. A successful person is the one who hits back at the adversities in life with forceful punches. To be flourishing, learn to go all out with your plans and bulldoze the troubles approaching you. Don’t expect to win every time; ain’t happening. But, work in way that you want nothing less than a victory each time. That’s what winners do.

Offense Is The Best Form Of Defense

1. Go Against The Flow:


It’s much safer to swim with flow. Those who work against the tide have to encounter numerous challenges. No, don’t join the herd. Just be wise. If you have heart of a brave man, be ready to make ways through hard-hitting circumstances all alone as very few will accompany you through thorny roads. Remember David ultimately beat Goliath despite all challenges in the story in Bible.

Go Against The Flow

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