7 Top Talk Shows that Changed The Indian Television

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3:00 am 22 Aug, 2014

The idiot box has come to play a major role in our lives in the last decade or so. It is influential in making the audiences aware of global events, opinions word wide and also about what is happening in our country.

Despite the entourage of smart phones and other devices, the older generation still relies on the tube to get the information they want. In the history of Indian television, there have been some remarkable talk shows that have left a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer. And there have been some terrible ones that we would rather talk about another day.

Have a look at seven top talk shows that were produced, directed and executed perfectly to propel a new era of Indian Television.

7. Rendezvous with Simi Garewal

Who can ever forget the sensual, beautiful and ever so well-mannered Simi Garewal in her avatar of talk show host. The wardrobe of whites, the well cut flowers and the perfect selection of questions made her one of the most successful hosts of her time. The show was ever so elegant, pleasant and she never tried to corner the guests by asking unpleasant questions. Celebrities actually ended up pouring out their hearts to her.

Talk Shows that Changed The Indian Television

6. Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai

The late Farooq Sheikh had the most charming personality and was much loved as the host of this talk show. It is one of the early shows based on the lives of celebrities. It offered the fans and viewers an insight to their lives, past and present. He had the most casual way of interviewing guests that made them comfortable instantly. Another strong point of the show was the extensive research that went in to each episode and made it a quality presentation.

Talk Shows that Changed The Indian Television

5. Comedy Nights with Kapil

This comedy show is one of the highest grossing shows on prime time today. The TRP of this show has maintained a steady climb and has refused to come down, despite completing 100 episodes. Even the likes of Shahrukh and Salman use it as a platform to promote their upcoming movies. The format of the show enables the audiences to interact with the guests and also get entertained by the comical script of the show. The show has always stuck to a format that is viewable by the whole family together.

Talk Shows that Changed The Indian Television

4. Koffee with Karan

Who would have thought that after successfully handling the mantle of a director, producer and even actor, Karan Johar would be successful at playing host too. But he proved his critics wrong. Koffee with Karan is one of the most classy and chic talk shows on Indian television. Since its first season in 2004, the show has only increased in popularity, thanks to the juicy gossip it doles out to the audiences and the unabashed comments that sometimes create controversies. Over the years the sets have become more chic and the questions more direct.

Talk Shows that Changed The Indian Television

3. Movers and Shakers

Even before anybody had heard of Kapil Sharma and Raju Srivastava, Shekhar Suman was tickling our funny bone in 1997. His show was a huge hit, in which he made fun of literally anybody and everybody without a fear in the world. There was a small chit chat session with a celebrity too. Although he tried to make a comeback a few years ago, but the audiences chose to move on. His tailored suits and the supporting band are still remembered by many.

Talk Shows that Changed The Indian Television

2. Seedhi baat

This no nonsense and straight talking show was actually inspired by Hard Talk, which is aired on BBC. Prabhu Chawla as the host got famous for calling famous leaders and celebrities and grilling them with to the point questions. The show won many awards and was an eye opener for many issues. Sadly, Chawla resigned under mysterious circumstances and the hosting was taken over by M.J. Akbar.

Talk Shows that Changed The Indian Television

1. Satyamev Jayate

The show was hosted by Amir Khan. The chat show was successful in creating awareness on issues that are normally a taboo in our society. He laid bare facts regarding topics like dowry, rape, child abuse, medical malpractices extra. The USP of the show was the fact that we were just not dished out information, but were also offered solution and guide to a path to achieve what earlier seemed impossible. So successful was the first season that on popular demand even a second season was aired.

Talk Shows that Changed The Indian Television

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