7 Top Reasons To Study German

Updated on 14 Jun, 2018 at 12:34 pm


Want to learn a foreign language but can’t make up your mind which one? When choosing a new language to learn, you might be asking yourself if German is really worth your time and effort.

You might have been told that German is hard to learn but this is just a common myth. Learning any foreign language takes time and commitment and German is not an exception. But you are sure to succeed if you have enough motivation, find a good German teacher and work hard to achieve your goal.

Learning German is a good choice not only from a linguistic point of view. When learning German, you will get a set of skills that can improve the quality of your private life and work. Keep reading to find out why learning German is a great idea.


To land a better job

Germany ranks number one economy in the European Union and it is the fourth largest economy in the world. A lot of international corporations have headquarters in this country and offer opportunities to work. Having a good command of German, you will increase your chances to have a successful career with German and foreign companies in your home country and abroad. In the modern globalized world, good knowledge of German can help you work more productively and improve your chances for effective communication and success in business relations.

To study in Germany

study in germany

Germany has a world-class system of higher education and the country’s universities have a good international reputation. Germany is a popular study abroad destination that attracts a lot of students because the country awards various scholarships and offers support for international students. There are numerous exchange programs for school and university students between Germany and a lot of other countries of the world. Besides, the tuition fees are lower than in many other European countries. But the number of courses in English is rather limited so learning German may be a good investment if you want to avoid a student debt.

To work in Germany

The country offers working holiday visas for young people for a range of countries. Skilled workers and professionals are also offered special visas. Currently, skilled workers are in great demand and it is expected that this need will continue to rise, especially in the IT, engineering, healthcare and other commercial sectors.

German is easy to learn

If you already speak English, you have a big advantage in learning German because both languages share a lot of the same Germanic roots. You will be able to guess the meaning of many words and you don’t have to learn a new alphabet except a few new letters. Besides, there are special tricks that can help you study smart and not hard and learn any foreign language faster.

To look clever

study in germany

You will be able to enjoy music, art, philosophy, and literature. German is the language of Kafka, Goethe, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Mann, Brecht, Nietzsche, Kant, and Heidegger. Proficiency in German can give you an opportunity to appreciate their masterpieces in the original. You will be able to discover a true meaning of the original texts.


Advancements in communication technology, information, development of media require multilingual communicators. German has a big presence on the internet and there are a lot of German websites. The country’s domain .de is the second popular domain after .com.

1 of the 10 books published in the world is in German. About 93,000 books are published in Germany every year. Not many of them are translated into other languages. If you learn German, you will get an extended access to information.

To meet new people

A lot of Germans actually speak English as a second language but if you speak their own language, you will be able to create better connections with about 100 million of German native speakers. German is also widely spoken as a second language globally. Besides, people from German-speaking countries travel a lot and you can meet them practically anywhere in the world. If you work in the service or tourist industry, knowledge of German can be really helpful. When on holiday, tourists from Germany spend much money on international travel and they will appreciate the German-speaking tour guides and the staff in the hospitality industry.


No matter what your plans for the future are, speaking German as a second language will increase your options.


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