7 Tips To Be The Smartest Man In The Room

11:22 am 15 Nov, 2013


If you’re part of meetings on a daily basis, then you’re surely a successful person. But is success enough to make you the smartest person in the meeting room? Even if you have complete confidence, I can assure you aren’t correct. We have noticed many successful people consider themselves as smartest when sitting in the group. They constantly think and act as if they are the smartest persons in the room but only to the amusement of the others. Read on to know 7 tips to be the smartest man in the room whether you’re successful or not.

7. Do not start presuming:

Being in the room with people you don’t need to be critical. It is wise to be observant to see how each person reacts in the group. But trying to make yourself look superior by assuming the others to be inferior in some way isn’t a good ploy. Do not try and presume who the real players are in the room. If you do so, you will begin to act in order to make that person(s) look lesser. This isn’t something that makes the smartest man. A smart guy would be someone who remains in his own parameters without judging people, doing things required of him instead of doing things irrationally due to someone else decisions.

Do not start presuming -  Tips To Be The Smartest Man In The Room

6. Be a patient listener:

Listening is important for observing what the discussion is about, or what the others are trying to convey. You can only make your own opinions once you have heard the others. Being a patient listener makes you a good observer and similarly a good speaker. Once you have all the information (true and false, acquired by listening) you can make true and factual argument on the topic and win some accolades. There is no harm in listening first and speaking second. Actually you are doing yourself a favor by doing so.

Be a patient listener -  Tips To Be The Smartest Man In The Room

5. Respect others ideas:

It is really vital to understand that no idea is a bad idea. Each idea is unique in itself, and it only takes an idea to make big money. It is thus important to listen to, value and respect ideas of all the others in the room. You cannot be the smartest man in the room if you give all the ideas and open condemn that of the others. A smart fellow is someone who understands and values the input and ideas from others and makes efforts to understand and add to them.

Respect others ideas -  Tips To Be The Smartest Man In The Room

4. Feedback is important:

Being an intelligent guy with lots of knowledge, you will also be hungry for recognition. Just like you the others in the room with you are also eager for suggestions, feedback and appreciation. It therefore becomes important for someone willing to be the smartest guy in the room to be humble, respecting and full of suggestions and feedback at all the times. Good feedback back reflects your understanding and analytical ability and it makes a lot of difference to the other person’s morale, who will be willing to accept you as the smartest in the room.

Feedback is important -  Tips To Be The Smartest Man In The Room

3. Do not act over smart:

Being there in the room with other people, you have no chance of trying to act cocky. Being adamant and trying to be pushy makes you someone who demands attention. Such people tend to show others that they are smart (on every possible situation), they do this because they do not get a similar opportunity elsewhere. You must at all costs avoid being that person who wants to show he’s smart all the time.

Do not act over smart -  Tips To Be The Smartest Man In The Room

2. Be familiar:

The task of being the smartest man in the room starts from outside the room. What happens in the room depends largely on how you prepare to be in that room. You should be aware of the players who will share the room with you before you walk into the room.

Be familiar -  Tips To Be The Smartest Man In The Room

1. Be humble and presentable:


It isn’t wrong to be the smartest man in the room. Though, trying to be one can get really ugly when someone begins to show off their wit and tries to dominate the others in order to look superior. Being smartest in the room is displaying intelligence by remaining responsible and humble to others. It doesn’t matter whether you’re street smart of academically intelligent, if you are presentable and humble, you have one half the battle.

Be humble and presentable -  Tips To Be The Smartest Man In The Room