7 Things You Should Remember While Dating A Bengali Chick

Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Dating a Bengali woman is no matter of joke. One who is to take it lightly and behave the way he does with any other woman from a different state is sure to annoy her. Like all other regions in India, Bengal too has its own set of beliefs. And Bengalis are known to be pretty proud of their culture and history.

Apart from the basic rules of dressing well and smelling good you have to keep in mind some very important rules which will guide you through the whole process. Here are some of the things which you should never forget when you are dating a Bengali woman:

7. Count on her Opinion

The Bengali society is far less patriarchal than most of the other states in India. Hence women and their opinion are given utmost importance. When you are dating a Bengali woman you must allow her to speak her mind and listen to what she has to say. A good amount of importance on what she says and wants will make you her favourite and someone she wants to stay with all her life.

Count on her Opinion

6. Be Very Intelligent or At Least Intellectual

Bengali men are supposed to be very intelligent and so are the women. Therefore she is used to be around people who talk intelligently. Therefore to be up to her mark you must make an effort to talk intelligently as much as possible. Wit is something she will adore in you and this will surely make a mark if properly applied. All of you guys have brains – this is the time to use it on a woman.

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intellectual person

5. Be a Lover of Literature

Ask a Bengali woman about her thoughts on literature and whether she loves reading or not. She will jump out of joy. A Bengali woman loves her books and loves to be surrounded by them. Be it a classic or new-age, novels or poems, each one of them are her favourites. The best way is to gift her books on special occasions. She will love the fact that you too are into books and reading and that another book has been added to her library.

Be a Lover of Literature

4. Treat her to Fish

A Bengali woman is too fond to part with her fish anytime soon. To woo her, it is best that you start including more and more fish in your diet (if you are not a vegetarian) or let her have as many as she wants to (if you are a vegetarian). Fish in the diet is necessity for her, be it hilsa or prawn or any other delicious variety. Take her on a date and feed her to some of the best Bengali fish dishes available and she is yours.

Treat her to Fish

3. Take Her to the Theatres

Move ahead of movies on multiplexes – it’s time you take your girl to theatre. The art-loving Bengali loves theatre and she will enjoy catching a repeat of any of her favourite plays. And if she happens to know that you have the same passion too, she’s never going to leave you. Haven’t thought about it? It’s time you should.

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Take Her to the Theatres

2. Wear A Simple Cotton Kurta Sometimes

They call it ‘panjabi’ in Bengali. The simple cotton Kurta is a winner in Bengal and men who wear it are felt to be more attractive than those in western outfits. Next time there is a puja and you are to visit her place or go to any temple with her, make sure you wear a Kurta. This is going to surprise her and make her wonder why she ever fights with you; you should be loved always.

Cotton Kurta

1. Feed Her to Sweet Dishes Very Often

You’re dating a Bengali and haven’t had sweets? You are very likely to annoy her very soon.  Bengalis not only love their sweets, but are passionate about them. A sweet a day keeps her happy always. Roshogollas, sandesh, bhaja-mishti, jilipi, rabdi, mishti-doi, pantua, lyangcha – the list is never-ending. Even if you have not heard the names of most of them, just mention them in front of her and see magic unfolding in front of your eyes.

Feed Her to Sweet Dishes