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7 Things Indian Romeos Do To Overcome The Pain Of A Break-Up

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 5:06 pm By

Be it typical masala movies or jam-packed action movies, ‘romance’ is the ultimate forte of Bollywood flicks. If nothing much, these movies have invariably been successful in influencing a huge proportion of the Indian population to fancy the concept of – love! But what if this much desired relationship fails?


Just like any other human race, the Indian boys have been there or are still struggling to get over their ex. Well, it really does not matter whether you were dumped or was it an amicable decision to seek separate directions – the actual pain and sometimes the core obsession with your ex can truly last for an eternity.

So let’s find out how the Indian Romeos wallow themselves in memories of their ex and what all they do to ease their pain:

7. Act Depressed To Let Everyone Know It’s Over

Indian Romeos make sure everyone around them (even the ones they’re not familiar with) gets to know that they’re going through a fresh breakup phase.

Symptoms included – they’ll try and act pretty normal but as soon as they’re poked they’ll start mourning, punching a wall or pillow (whichever is more feasible) followed by sobbing.


6. Stop Watching Cricket – They’re Better Off With Daily Soaps On Heart Breaks

You’ve got to be kidding me? Cricket is considered no less than a religion amongst Indian guys, but after break-ups, it suddenly becomes infuriating for them to even watch and enjoy their favorite game. Every catch that is dropped or for every extra run their pain sinks a bit more into their heart – so they consider taking precaution over cure! They’d rather sit with their mother or sister to see more heart breaks on TV and find some respite in the fact that there are others too.


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5. Jagjit Singh Is In and Honey Singh Is Out

Indian guys undergoing a recent breakup phase will invariably destroy the repeat button on Jagjit Singh’s songs.

Finding solace in emotional melodies is the long tested method of easing the breakup pain and is somewhat universal for the Indian guys. It just seems that no one on this planet earth understands them better other than poignant singers. What a pity!


4. Alcohol Is Their New Best Friend – What’s In Being A Teetotaler

Old school friends or college friends are simply incapable of providing instant relief from the breakup pain. Yes – alcohol it is a sole solution to get rid of the deadening pain within minutes.

Then be it a bar, car or even on a footpath – it can be seen accompanying the heart-broken guys wherever they go and you really wanna know the best part – it does not leave them until the guys themselves want to do so!


3. Can’t Help Over Stalking Their Ex

Do you know the famous whatsapp quotation – “my last seen was to check what your last seen was” – It’s especially meant for heart-broken Indian Romeos!

No presentation or meeting can be as important as knowing what was her recent status update, when did she upload her recent picture, on which post was she last tagged at and what was her recent comment!

Whatever they do despairing Indian guys always want to know what their ex has been up to? Surprisingly, even if they’ve moved on with some other girl, they still want to know whom their ex is dating and what all is happening in her life post their break-up.


2. Blame Ex For Everything

It certainly feels great to call out (if not much) then a few expletives and a long list of cringe to your ex, but blaming her for all that happened is a sign of sheer insecurity.

This is what desperate Indian Romeos are good at – be it any reason for their break-up they’ll always criticize their ex for ruining a so called fulfilling relationship.


1. Beg For Reconciliation At Least Once

Indian Romeos struggling past their broken relationship are never ready to accept the reality. They just don’t understand the reason why their relation failed to flourish. They’re happy to be in a bad relationship than be in no relationship at all.

It’s their perpetual habit to cling to the last hope and find ways to get things back to normal again – even if the other person has already had enough from them. They should realize that being in a relation with someone you actually had to beg to be with you will not work out to be what it was before.




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