7 Survival Tips If You Are A Woman And Moving To Delhi

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:36 pm


Moving to Delhi is no joking matter and do not even try to make it one. When you write about Delhi, you call a spade a spade, there is no beating around the bush and you have to be as real as you can be. It is a conscious decision which parents and individuals have to take about their wards safety, after carefully measuring all factors involved. Don’t wait for a revolution to happen or the administration to become your guardian angel overnight, take onus of your own safety. Please a give serious thought to the following points.

7. Take safety in your own hands

Enroll for classes that teach self defense and guide you for any trauma situations. There are lots of organizations which also give this training for free. Krav Maga, is a specialized training course that has been found to be very helpful in dealing with all kinds of violent attacks. The purpose of these courses is to sharpen your instinct, make you strong and create awareness of your surroundings.

self defense

6. Invest in a weapon of defense

As scary as it may sound, carrying a pepper spray at all times in your bag, should become a way of life in Delhi. It’s easily available at all chemists and not very expensive too. A small knife can also come handy or even a nail filer can come handy to poke out somebody’s nasty eye. The critical thing is to keep it handy when travelling alone, also do read the instructions on how to use it first. Always be alert and train yourself to improve your reaction time, it is your virtue on line after all.

weapon of defense

5. Train your gut

Every woman has a well developed sixth sense, when in Delhi put it in a state of overdrive. Listen to it at the first instance of danger and walk away from it as quickly as you can. When in Delhi, and you’ll find scores of women vouching for this theory, when your gut says this man is trouble, then he most certainly is. Please be safe, not sorry. Do not over estimate yourself, and don’t let overconfidence ride your decisions. Going out late at night, taking dark alleys for a shortcut, asking for a lift from a stranger, are a big NO.

well developed sixth sense

4. Rent a house


It’s a mammoth task, but needs to be executed as soon as possible. You have to have a nook or space to call your own, to feel that sense of homecoming after a long day. It won’t be easy and will really test your patience and talent for bargaining. Avoid property agent for there are many sites that provide you with ample information to choose from. If you really need to hire one then only promise him 15 days rent as commission. Be wary of slimy men who are over eager to offer you their home and don’t jump at the first deal you get. Do the house hunting in the day and be sure to notify somebody of your whereabouts.

sense of homecoming

3. For PDA we are still Old Delhi

Delhi has a very twisted mentality when it comes to sensitive subjects like love, friendship or modern lifestyles, which the Gen X is eager to follow. Public displays of affection are still not seen in a healthy manner and a simplest thing like holding hands in most areas might invite a dirty remark or a cheap line from a Bollywood item number. Try it once, to just get the dirty Delhi experience firsthand.

dirty remark

2. Travel by Metro

The Metro till date has not reported any untoward incident towards women on it. We give it a clean slate for making travelling in Delhi safe and secure. Be doubly sure and only travel first class, or for women coach only, right in front. Most areas are connected by metro in Delhi now, and further have clear designated auto and bus stops outside the stations.

women coach

1. Discover the Delhi belly

The major highlight of Delhi that might cheer you up is the endless options of eating out you have there. You can actually try some or the other type of street food daily, without repeating it for over a month at least. Dilli khanewalon ki hain, is very true in every sense. Keep your ears open to eating joints, or check out a good site for exact locations and prices. When venturing to eat in Old Delhi, preferably move in a group and not alone. Dress up modestly and stay calm when you see the hordes of people everywhere.

Delhi belly