7 Strangest Sex Scenes That You Wouldn’t Fancy Trying In Real Life

Updated on 23 Mar, 2018 at 4:05 pm

When it comes to promotional strategies and marketing gimmicks, sex scenes in movies are often a key factor. The film’s overall appeal just magically increases if the promos show a sleazy makeout session, a hot-steamy smooch, a sexy bathtub scene or simply a seductive sexual dance. These scenes not only add character to the movies, but also get them into several controversies and catch the attention of Censor Board’s bad boys. They are, however, very different from what people experience in real life.



The sex in ‘reel life’ is categorically different from ‘real life’. The difference arrives when filmmakers take things to an unrealistic level to make the love scenes believable. Many of these acts are not only difficult to watch, they are difficult to even replicate in real life.

Sex scenes depicted in Bollywood are nothing close to what real life couples experience between the sheets. The scenes are bold and wild but not realistic. Let’s have a look at some of them:


1. Rang Rasiya – Paint yourselves thoroughly!



In this crazy and seductive scene between the semi-clad Nandana Sen and the half-naked Randeep Hooda, a lot happens when they start to get mischievous. While Randeep decides to paint his lady love’s portrait with colours, he suddenly turns his direction towards the lady herself, and decides to paint her instead. All her sexy twists and twirls turn her white saree into a colourful canvas – all thanks to Hooda’s artistic skills. Do you think you’ll like to spill your walls with bright colours just for the sake of some pleasure?


2. Ajnabee – Copying ghost, desi style!



There’s no other film industry that copies Hollywood sex scenes like we do! After all, Kareena Kapoor and Bobby Deol who shared an intimate scene in Abbas-Mustan’s cult classic Ajnabee, thought they were the next Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze’s iconic pairing in Ghost. Only like the rest of their film, they tried vaguely to turn the heat on while copying the pottery scene in Ghost. Will you ever try to get your hands this dirty?

Just in case you missed the original, it’s here:



3. Murder – Sex scene or fear factor episode?



Mahesh Bhatt, the director who is known for troubling us with his so-called murder thrillers, went overboard with Murder, starring our kisser boy Imran Hashmi and the forgotten bombshell Mallika Sherawat.  This movie had some really interesting sex scenes in the song Bheege Honth Tere, which takes it to the next level (on the terrace of the building to be precise). The idea of a terrace sex is still crazy, but would you not think it’s hard enough to do it on concrete, and secondly, if either rolls over, wouldn’t you end up on the street itself?! Awkward choices!


4. Hate Story – From Kitchen to bathtub?



Okay, so we understand that Bollywood tries hard to find intimate places for love scenes. But even Bengali movies take the cake! In the movie Hate StoryPaoli Dam and Joy Sengupta are so turned on that they have sex on their kitchen table top! If that wasn’t enough, they simply shift their romance to the candle-lit bathtub! But what doesn’t resonate with us is that the female actually starts asking about business deals and plans, amidst all this hot scene! Don’t think any guy will like that, isn’t it?


5. Hiss – A love scene with a snake!



If this actually ever happens in real life, it’ll be really weird and awkward for sure! To begin with, we wonder how many girls would actually like to slither around in jungle naked, and allow a snake to wriggle itself and start making out? Well, Malika Sherawat takes the cake in her courage and fearless nature. But is it possible to still be alive while a snake wraps itself around you? Can pleasure be on the mind at this moment?


6. The Dirty Picture – Dirty timing?



Vidya Balan’s ‘The Dirty Picture’ gave us an insight into her sultry and seductive character but when she got in between the sheets with Nasseruddin Shah, did they not bother to check when his wife was coming? The totally cool scene got interrupted even before Shah could get full pleasure. It’s advisable to get naughty only when you confirm that your wife isn’t home!


7. Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi – As murkier as it gets!



Watching hot Rekha and young Akshay Kumar romancing on the song ‘in the night no control’ from 1996 movie Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, will make you think twice before choosing an older woman. Their erotic song is making them do various sexy things with each other – from dancing in the rain, running around house corridors to even getting covered in muck. Why will normal people have sex while drenched in dirt? Don’t you think it’s contemptible?


Normal people will like to have cleaner ideas for sex after watching these videos. What is your take on your wildest fantasy? Tell us in the comments.



Normal people will like to have cleaner ideas for sex after watching these videos. What is your take on your wildest fantasy? Tell us in the comments.